Roh Jisun: fromis_9’s Blooming Rose

On this day, 22 years ago, a budding flower sprouted in this world. She took her time to learn and grow, allowing her charming layers to unfold. Now, watered by the love and care she receives from others, and from herself, that flower blooms as lively and beautiful as ever, and continues to do so every year.

Jisun is our rose.

To celebrate her special day, we prepared a ROSE acronym that defines Jisun.

Refined. Elegant and feminine, Jisun knows how to carry herself. The confidence she has is brought forth by how much she knows herself and her capabilities. She is self-aware, and judging by her habit of writing daily entries in her diary, someone who reflects and looks to improve herself continuously. Always mindful of her appearance and health, her looks are as sophisticated as her educated demeanor, usually marked by carefully-chosen words and smart remarks.

Outgoing. Although her chill personality can mislead you, Jisun is one of the few extroverted members of the group. Open to chat at all times, she goes with the flow, becoming talkative and adapting to the mood of whoever she is together with. Through social media, even flovers get to experience this side of Jisun, who is always willing to share her thoughts and update us on her endeavors — or recommend us some songs.

Sensible. Whenever it seems like fromis is out of control, flovers can see a level-headed Jisun watching the other girls amusedly, almost as if trying to comprehend their unreasonable world. She brings some much needed balance to the group. During fromis_9’s guest appearance at Heize’s Diary, Saerom shared, “She’s very good at explaining and organizing things. She’s a person that we need for the team to work. Organized and composed. She helps a lot to get things going, thanks to that, our team is doing great.” The captain has also expressed in the past how Jisun is a member she can always count on when problems arise.

Earnest. Sincere words and a sincere heart. Jisun rarely cries, but if it is about flovers, and the love we share with one another, her tears would naturally flow. Her earnestness shows in not only words, but actions. Jisun pours her all into what she does and is likely to succeed in the most varied activities, from handcrafting to performing. Although she prefers to work alone, she often does it for the common good; how many times has she cooked for all the girls to enjoy?

Our rose flaunts petals of many colors: some delicate and pale, others bright and vigorous. When brought together, her multiple charms bring the perfect balance between emotion and reason, nurturing the field of roses around her to flower just as beautifully. In fromis_9, Jisun is that rose, a rose that will never wilt away.

Happy Birthday, Jisun!

Writers: Bruno and Mitch
Designer: Adam
Editor: Adam
Proofreader: Brad
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