fromis_9 2020 Recap

Happy New Year, flovers!

Although 2020 took an unexpected turn and kept us all stuck in our homes, fromis_9 made us company with the various contents they released. Let’s take a look back and reminisce about the moments they made us feel good!

My Little Society

On the 16th of September, one year and three months since fromis_9’s previous release, the girls were finally back with their third mini album, My Little Society! Led by the title track “Feel Good,” the mini topped iTunes’ Album Charts in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Latvia, Malaysia and Taiwan right from the get-go, as well as becoming the groups’ best-selling album in its first week of sales, with 31,815 copies sold.

My Little Society’s immediate success had an extra special taste to both the group and their fans. Out of the five tracks that completed the album, three were credited to fromis_9’s members: “Starry Night,” written and composed by Seoyeon; “Somebody to Love,” brought to life by Saerom’s sweet lyrics; and “Mulgogi,” playfully written by both Saerom and Jiwon.

“Hello, come into my place,” said Nagyung in the first line of “Feel Good.” Whether individually or with a full-group party, the album’s concept was clear from the beginning: flovers were invited into fromis_9’s personal space. In line with this concept, the girls were able to show their different colors by opening individual Instagram accounts, revealed to the public through the group’s official Instagram on the 9th of September. From Jisun’s aesthetic feed to Seoyeon’s indie vibes, may we say fromis_9’s styles vary just “like the weather”?

But not only of beautiful pictures this era was made of. Our girls worked hard to show us the sharpest choreography, with nothing less than eight official choreography videos of “Feel Good” being released on fromis_9’s official YouTube channel, each with its unique charm. We could be stunned by the period visuals on the “hanbok version,” laugh at the chaos during the “mission version,” or cry at the unexpectedly touching “fanchant version.” However, we can safely say nothing made flovers smile brighter than seeing the long-awaited “9-member version.”

Note: Embedded is the full “Feel Good” official choreography playlist.

Original Shows


Our favorite YouTube series came back this year with three new seasons, each of them with their own unique concept!

On Channel_9 In The HOUSE, flovers got to see fromis_9’s most relaxed side. Opening up the season with honest, but not any less entertaining, terrace interviews, the series progressed showing how the girls go on about their daily lives when they are not shining on stage. The perfect Channel_9 comeback!

Note: Embedded is the full “Channel_9 In The HOUSE” playlist.

With a trailer that made flovers jump from their seats in excitement, Channel_9 EfG (a play on words on “예쁘지,” or “pretty,” in Korean) saw fromis_9 going on a little trip together to play games, reminisce about the old days in a classroom, and why not, pick tomatoes. There was not even time for us to get sad when the season was over, as the last episode aired on the same day fromis_9 was confirmed to make their comeback! Perfectly timed entertainment.

Note: Embedded is the full “Channel_9 EfG” playlist.

The third and last season of the year, Channel_9 Year-End Awards, started with an award ceremony where no fromis_9 member could be left without a prize especially crafted for them. To wrap it all up, a special pajama party served as a background for more fun, food and honest talks. What will Channel_9 have in store for us in 2021?

Note: Embedded is the full “Channel_9 Year-End Awards” playlist.

fromis Research Journal

Memory, endurance, patience, teamwork, expression… On fromis Research Journal, fromis_9 was put to the test on multiple categories through entertaining experiments. The series was first announced on V LIVE in March, when flovers were asked to come up with tasks they wanted the group to try. While the first two episodes aired on the Korean streaming service, the series was moved to YouTube, where it got four more episodes.

Expansion to Japan

On January 21, fromis_9 opened their official Japanese Twitter account and website, planning fan meetings two months later in Tokyo and Osaka. As Japanese flovers got excited with the news, the group then announced that before the fan meetings took place a pre-debut Japanese single would be released, containing Japanese versions of both “Love Bomb” and “FUN!.”

With a new look, it seemed like fromis_9 would be back in business as they were confirmed for KCON 2020 Japan. Only a day later, however, the spread of COVID-19 completely changed the scenario, when KCON, fromis_9’s single and fan meetings were postponed (and later canceled).

Despite the coronavirus roadblock, the group was able to create a new path to reach out to Japanese flovers when, on the 21st of September, fromis_9’s official Japanese YouTube channel was created. Since then, every Thursday an exclusive video fully subtitled in Japanese gets uploaded, but our trustworthy flovers never let one episode go by without English subtitles, of course.

Check the updated list of subtitled Japanese YouTube releases on fromispedia.

Japanese fans even got a separate batch of My Little Society albums containing some extra goodies! When will flovers be able to hear fromis_9’s hits in Japanese? We will have to wait and find out.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

When Gyuri’s first drama, Dating Class, reached its last episode in 2019, little did flovers know she would make the jump from a web drama to a star-studded television production in her next adventure. Kim Soohyun, one of the biggest names of the Hallyu wave, chose It’s Okay to Not Be Okay as his first main challenge fresh out of the military. Alongside him, Seo Yeji, Oh Jungse and Park Gyuyoung completed the list of names that would give life to the show’s main characters.

Note: Contains It’s Okay to Not Be Okay spoilers.

Taking on a supporting role, Gyuri acted as nurse Seon Byeol, whose cute smile and succinct remarks caught the viewers’ attention right from start. Among flovers, her “traitor” line became a topic of discussion, while her dance moves made even non-fans give high praise for Gyuri’s talent both as an idol and actress.

Note: Contains It’s Okay to Not Be Okay spoilers.

Gyurious Curious for more? It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is available on Netflix!

Shows and Radio Appearances

Naver NOW

It’s impossible to talk about My Little Society promotions without mentioning Naver NOW. Just this year, fromis_9 went on this viewable radio show on six different occasions. Doing skits, having sincere talks, live singing, and of course, showing all their variety sense, the girls adapted to different concepts and MCs, making Naver NOW their home.

Note: This playlist contains all four subtitled episodes of the show. The raw files of fromis_9’s 5th and 6th appearances can be found here and here respectively.

More details about their appearances on Naver NOW can be found in our “fromis_9’s Naver NOW Highlights” write-ups part 1 and part 2!


Riding the wave of her successful acting on It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Gyuri went on Workman, the YouTube channel of television personality Jang Sungkyu. Now sitting at over 3.7 million subscribers, the channel showcased the charms of Gyuri, whose quick wits and honesty were praised by thousands of commenters. Since then, she has further shown her capability as a rising variety star, guesting on shows such as Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant, Idol on Quiz and ZZIN Kyung Kyu.

Delicious Rendezvous

We all know of Jisun’s cooking capabilities, but what if she got three episodes alongside one of Korea’s biggest chefs to showcase her skills? That’s exactly what happened on Delicious Rendezvous. Accompanied by Gyuri, Jisun left the whole cast in awe not only with the dishes she prepared, but with the diverse cooking knowledge she shared. To be invited to use Baek Jongwon’s kitchen, by Baek Jongwon himself, is the biggest honor Jisun could have received from her cooking role model.

Links to fully subtitled episodes can be found in fromispedia!


The global pandemic has affected the lives of many people, and for our nine girls, it deprived them of seeing flovers during music shows and events. Nonetheless, flaylist was the way they found to close this physical gap the pandemic brought. From Hayoung’s enchanting “Pretender” cover to fromis_9’s sweet rendition of “Santa Tell Me,” flovers were always filled with pride and joy after each flaylist. 

Note: Embedded is the full 2020 flaylists playlist.

Moments That Warmed flovers’ Hearts

If you ask us what we love the most about our nine precious girls, it would be the warmth and love they share. It’s during these moments when we stop and think how lucky we are to have them in our lives. The love they have displayed never fails to put a smile on our faces and make our hearts feel full.

Knit Hats for Babies

To celebrate their 2nd Anniversary, fromis_9 prepared knit hats for babies and gave financial support to mothers who struggle, especially during the winter season, to give birth and raise their children. “We’ll do our best with our warm hearts,” said Captain Saerom before they began their arduous mission. When they learned and found their knitting flow, the girls spent their free time knitting until they couldn’t count how much they had made.

Ski Resort Vlog

When Chaeyoung posted her ski resort photos, a lot of flovers grew curious of fromis_9’s winter vacation. The girls shared brief stories through their V LIVEs and answered questions about it during their Instagram Q&As. On April 3rd, their winter adventure was finally revealed! Mostly recorded through Saerom’s phone, they shared the fun moments they had in the ski resort and their hilarious yet touching secret santa gift exchange.

1000 Days Letters

One can never go wrong with handwritten letters during special occasions. For their 1000th day (October 19, 2020), our nine girls sent heartfelt letters expressing their gratitude and love for flovers. Each of them conveyed their feelings differently, but it is certain that fromis_9 and flover will continue to journey together no matter what lies ahead.

Translated by from_usSUBS

Seoyeon’s Comeback

On September 10th, six days before the official release of My Little Society, Off The Record Entertainment announced that Seoyeon would not participate in the album promotion due to a leg injury. It was an unfortunate and uncontrollable event, but the 8 girls continued to give their best to fill in Seoyeon’s absence.

Her hiatus ended when she posted on their official Instagram account last November 5th, with most members liking the post as if showing they are equally as excited to have her back. Fortunately, they got invited to perform in Gyeongbuk 4th Industrial Revolution Technology Exhibition, an online concert held last November 25th. Seoyeon was able to be on stage again after a year and the members gave her a moment to share a message to flovers. She looked happy and healthy, and it was beautiful to see all nine girls together again.

To wrap up the year, fromis_9 gave us a “Starry Night” special video featuring all nine members, as fromis_9 should always be.

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