Who Is Your fromis_9 Travel Buddy?

Who Is Your fromis_9 Travel Buddy?

Are you the type to plan a whole trip in advance or figure things out as you go? Would you rather visit an unusual destination rich in natural beauty or a popular spot full of tourist attractions? Does the thought of traveling alone excite or scare you? No matter how you answer these questions, there will be at least one fromis_9 member who can totally relate to you. Take our quiz below to find out who is your fromis_9 travel buddy!

Curious to know what each member is like as a travel buddy? You can read all the descriptions below:

Saerom travels to heal her body and mind. While giving herself the best time is a priority, she also sees vacations as an opportunity to make memories with the people she loves. She is the type to wake up early to make the most out of her trip, which will be filled with breathtaking views and lots of eating.

Adventurous, Hayoung is always up to try different things and gain new experiences on a trip. As long as she’s together with the people she trusts, the destination doesn’t matter. In Korea or abroad, she will have a blast and share every moment even with friends who couldn’t go.

Gyuri likes to plan trips just for herself. Following the itinerary to the letter, she will prioritize visiting places that already have a seal of excellence, seeking relaxation and keeping her mind open to meet new people. On her way back home, the only item that is sure to be found in her baggage is a souvenir from each location visited.

Impressively shy and reserved, Jiwon doesn’t travel to interact with the locals. Her goal is to conquer the world one restaurant at a time, discovering new locations, taking many selfies, and buying whatever she needs rather than preparing for unexpected circumstances. With her, the plan is to not have a plan.

Jisun believes that as long as the trip is well-planned, she can pack multiple experiences into a single day. Recording every moment and always ready to go anywhere, if there’s one thing you know she won’t be doing, it’s spending a whole day chilling in her room. For her, being out and about is what makes the trip worthwhile.

Open-minded, Seoyeon is the type to enjoy getting dragged around or letting her feelings make decisions for her. Preferring calm over busy areas, she sees vacations as an opportunity to grow as a person, making traveling alone, or in a small group, the ideal scenario for her. 

Chaeyoung is spontaneous and will always be out and about. It’s no fun to travel alone, and meeting new people is an exciting thought to her. If she sees something she likes on sale, it will be hard to stop her. No matter how much time she spends shopping, though, there is nothing more important for her than indulging in the local cuisine.

Likely to go to a tropical country and stay completely unreachable, Nagyung wants nothing but luxury. A vacation is a moment to rest, recharge and focus solely on herself. Taking many pictures of the landscape is a must, but don’t expect her to completely connect with nature; if there are too many bugs, her trip is ruined.

Jiheon will plan her entire trip ahead of time, but only so she can maximize the time she spends relaxing. An ideal day for her consists of sleeping, eating, getting a massage, taking a few selfies, sleeping some more… The less she moves, the better. Why would she go around if the entire trip can be spent in the hotel?

This write-up was inspired by fromis_9’s 9 Way Ticket Balance Game:

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  1. My first bias is only gyuri but then after i watch all of your videos on youtube, i just realize that not only 1 bias that i should stan. i should stan to this 9 idol. All of you are talented, beautiful, funny and very kind. I really wish i could meet all of you in person. i really love you so much guys. keep up all of your good work. we are always here to support you and that forever. 😘

  2. Angga

    I got Syeon here. Haha
    Man, she’s just like my lil sis, im gonna take her to anywhere she wants to go.

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