We All Need A Friend Like Chaeyoung

We All Need A Friend Like Chaeyoung

People who are born between April 21st and May 20th are called Taurus in Western Astrology. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and gratitude, which affects the way they talk and interact with other people. They are also known to be responsible, reliable, and devoted, especially to their loved ones. We can observe these characteristics in our very own Chaeyoung, who was born on May 14th.

Chaeyoung is dubbed the Energizer of the group, as she is often seen to bring light and laughter whenever she is in the room. While being one of the most entertaining members, she is actually one of the most caring and thoughtful ones too. In V LIVEs, she would often excitedly share stories about the other members, showing how observant and adoring she is to them. In one of the recent Channel_9 episodes, Saerom shared how she loves it when Chaeyoung suddenly wakes her up in the morning just to say “I love you.”

Simple affectionate gestures can leave a lasting impact. To highlight Chaeyoung’s hidden tender side, here are some of our favorite moments of her being a complete sweetheart.

When HaGyuYoung went on a camping trip, Chaeyoung fed her unnies first before taking a bite herself.

Like any good daughter, Chaeng even took care of Saerom when she was in pain from her cramps.

At KCON 2018 Thailand, Chaeyoung reassured a nervous Jiwon as much as she could. A little more and she’d be inside the elevator!

And let’s not forget that time when Chaeyoung tried her best to quietly prepare for school while Jiwon and Hayoung were still sleeping.

As you can see, Chaeyoung is one of the most attentive and caring members. However, seeing her at the receiving end of love is arguably an even more adorable sight to behold, as she gets overwhelmingly touched by her members’ affection.

Like when she burst into tears during her surprise birthday party.

Or how she cried the most out of all the members during their 1st anniversary V LIVE.

You’ll also see Chaeyoung go the extra mile for flovers. When they performed at SKF Indonesia last September 2019, she reached out to get a flover’s banner and gave it to Hayoung, who was celebrating her birthday during the event. Like a divine messenger, Chaeyoung will make sure flovers’ love is received.

Chaeyoung’s energetic side has made all of us laugh and it’s no doubt that her soft side has brought as much love to fromis_9 and flovers. On this special day, we can only wish she receives all this love back tenfold.

Happy Birthday, Chaeng! We love you!

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