To Our Precious Hayoung

As we get older, our increasing responsibilities and life experiences often push us away from our childlike traits. We tend to lose touch with our innocence and exchange it for a knowing demeanor, even if we don’t know anything at all. While this may be true for a lot of people, Hayoung’s existence proves otherwise.

For Hayoung, there’s no finer day than her birthday; the big smile on her face whenever she talks about it won’t let you forget that. When she explained the meaning behind her Instagram username (shy9_29) in fromis_9’s recent ASMR Interview, for example, she made sure the crucial 29th of September would not be overlooked. The genuineness of Hayoung’s feelings towards something so simple, yet so precious, make her all the more special.

She radiates the same authentic feeling when expressing her admiration and gratefulness to those around her. When she wants to say something to someone – a familiar face or not -, Hayoung isn’t afraid to make sure her message gets received.

During her high school days, Hayoung went to the same school as Saerom, at the time a senior from a different department that she had never spoken to. When Hayoung saw Saerom, she was impressed by her senior’s beauty and gathered up the courage to say hello. Although shy, she felt happy when our Captain greeted her back. Similarly, Gyuri shared a story where fromis_9 were at a music show and Jessi was standing next to them. Hayoung is a big fan of Jessi and had no second thoughts to approach her, greet her, and express her feelings as a fan. Gyuri was taken aback by how easily Hayoung approached Jessi, but was relieved when Jessi greeted her back positively.

She treats flovers no different. During the years we have spent together, Hayoung has written and read three letters to us. Each of them was written with her true emotions, emanating a warm feeling that embraces our hearts. With that same warmth, we wrote a letter back to her:

To. Hayoung

Exactly three years ago, fromis_9 was formed; two years ago, you were performing at KCON Thailand; a year ago, Indonesia was graced by your presence; today, fromis_9 is in the middle of “Feel Good” promotions after a long period of wait. The birthday that you always held so dear has been special year after year. But today, more than wishing you a happy birthday, we want to thank you.

Firstly, we want to thank you for never giving up on your dream of becoming a singer. You left behind your hometown and ventured into a new city, tried out different things, and even when life was hard and your self-confidence was lost, you gathered the courage to try again. If it wasn’t for your endless passion, how could we be celebrating your birthday like this today?

Secondly, we want to thank you for debuting. No, it wasn’t us. It was you, your hard work, your determination… You are our strength. How could we possibly not look up to you with sparkling eyes? How could we not acknowledge your efforts? The smile we helped put on your face was only possible because you made our days brighter in the first place. If applause and recognition are what you want, we can assure you that for as long as this journey lasts, we will cheer you on and shout your name.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank you for being you. For being the goofiest, for taking care of the members so well, for being so sensible, so genuine… Thank you for pouring your heart into everything that you do, showing us what life’s about by shining your bright smile at the smallest of things.

The birthday is yours, but it’s always flovers who get the biggest present: to have you in our lives.

Thank you, Song Hayoung, for being exactly the way you are. You are a very precious person.

Hayoung’s letters to flovers

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