Seoyeon: Life of Laughter

Seoyeon: Life of Laughter

On this day, 21 years ago, the shining essence of Lee Seoyeon first appeared on this Earth. Boy, did we not know what we were in for.

Lee Seoyeon is well known for many things: Her rich vocals, adept dance abilities, and razor-sharp rapping to name a few. Despite her extraordinary skills as a performer, her greatest skill of all lies in her ability to lift the spirits of those around her. To this day, there have been zero reported accounts of people who have been able to spend any amount of time around Seoyeon without smiling or cracking a laugh. With unyielding energy and mischievous wit, it is commonplace for Seoyeon to have every member of fromis_9 rolling with laughter. Wielding humor like a knight wields a sword, Seoyeon possesses the uncanny capacity to vanquish melancholy in mere seconds.

As any fromis_9 fan can attest to, the words “laughter” and “Seoyeon” go hand in hand. You certainly will know if you are in the same building as Lee Seoyeon because, odds are, you have already heard her boisterous guffaw before you have even stepped through the front door. Her laugh is so powerful that the sound of it alone is able to inspire reciprocal laughter from anyone who hears it. Underlying humor or context are rendered completely unnecessary by the infectious joy her laughter emits.

In a world of inevitable sadness and struggle, Seoyeon shows us that laughter truly is the best medicine. Negative emotions stand no chance before the awesome might of Seoyeon’s hearty belly laugh. In times of hardship, we can observe the principal quality Seoyeon brings to the world: joy. The joy of life.

A life of laughter.

Happy Birthday, Seoyeon!

Writer: Max
Designer: Adam
Editors: Adam, Bruno and Mitch
Proofreader: Brad
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