One Year of #gam_sun_list

One Year of #gam_sun_list

As lovers of music, we all utilize playlists to collect our favorite songs. Playlists allow us to compile songs that fit our various moods, help us focus or relieve our stress. Creating playlists can be fun, but what could be better than a running list of song recommendations handcrafted by none other than our own Jisun? One year ago today, on May 28, 2019, Jisun began sharing song recommendations especially for flovers through fromis_9’s official Twitter account with the hashtag #gam_sun_list.

Jisun loves listening to music and making playlists. She often plays her current favorite songs for flovers during her V LIVEs. By creating gam_sun_list, Jisun is able to share her favorite songs and give us new music to discover. These tweets are often accompanied by a selca and a comment on the weather or a word of encouragement for flovers. Over time, these simple tweets have evolved into a recurring source of comfort for all who come across them.

But what does “gam_sun_list” mean? It is possible that “gam_sun” is a play on words between 감성 (gam-sung), meaning “sensibility” in English, and 선(sun), being the second part of “Jisun”. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 감성, or sensibility, can be defined as the “awareness of and responsiveness towards emotions”. Therefore, gam_sun_list can be described as a playlist composed of songs that enhance the listener’s ability to experience and process their emotions. Perhaps Jisun selects songs that she believes will help the listener to become more aware of their feelings. Helping us be better able to overcome sadness or stress and making us appreciate the things that make us happy.

Many of the songs Jisun recommends through gam_sun_list are calming and slow, characterized by a noticeable acoustic sound and rich vocals. Songs such as these include “Purpose – Stripped” by Etham, “I Choose You” by Kiana Lede, and “Modern Loneliness” by Lauv. As we listen to these songs, we can feel our own worries wash away with the strum of the guitar and the ring of the piano. Jisun has also shown her interest in a vast array of musical genres with songs such as “Power” by EXO, “Lady” by EXID, and “Drip Drop” by Taemin. The more upbeat tracks of gam_sun_list inspire the listener to get up and move, and we can not help but have a little pep in our step after listening to them.

Over the past year, Jisun has shared dozens of songs through gam_sun_list. Fans have noticed a tiny recurring detail in every gam_sun_list post: Jisun always screenshots her recommended song when the timer is at “1:24”. What could be so significant for Jisun to always include this number in her posts? In fact, “1:24” signifies fromis_9’s debut date, being 1/24 or January 24th. This is a simple detail that demonstrates Jisun’s ability to find the smallest ways to display her care for fromis_9 and flovers.

Some of her song recommendations even reached the artists themselves! Stephanie Poetri and EXID’s LE showed their gratitude to Jisun for recommending their songs in gam_sun_list.

EXID LE: Good song selection…🥰🙏💕

Jisun: Is this a dream..! I’m always listening to sunbaenim’s songs ♥ Thank you for the mention 😖

Jisun’s gam_sun_list may appear on the surface to be a simple tweet with a selca and song recommendation, but is actually so much more than that. It’s a reminder to take a break from the stress of everyday life. To appreciate the little things like the weather, or a nice cup of iced coffee. It encourages us to take a breath of fresh air, and listen to a new song. As we dive deeper into Jisun’s gam_sun_list, we cannot help but feel our emotions in our hearts resonate with the music. When the music inevitably ends and our stress and worries are washed away, we are left feeling a little bit happier and a little bit more appreciative of what we have in our lives.

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