Oh, Starry Night!

Oh, Starry Night!

“Starry Night”, the first ballad song introduced in fromis_9’s discography, is an absolutely fantastic piece. Written and composed by fromis_9 member Lee Seoyeon, it’s a real tear-inducing material brought by its crafted melody and lyrics. As the song title implies, it is well-suited for emotional or sentimental nights. If you haven’t listened to it yet, or you’re a new flover, then you must give it a listen.

The song was released in fromis_9’s 3rd mini album, My Little Society. Although Seoyeon was not able to participate during their album promotions due to a leg injury, flovers still felt her presence through the message and feelings she conveyed through the song. 

I’ll get closer to you first

I’ll illuminate you now

Without a word just hug me

Just wait for me

So I can fill myself up with you

Now, just like this, with me

I will keep your night

“Starry Night” by fromis_9 (Translation by Yubseyo)

On the last day of 2020, fromis_9 uploaded a special music video of “Starry Night”. It was the perfect way to end the year. The video captured the sentimental feeling of the song, which was expressed skillfully by the members. It conveyed how those precious moments or small gestures from our dearest ones were able to comfort us and make us smile.

To complete the experience of “Starry Night”, fromis_9 shared with us its recording behind. In the video, the members expressed how much they liked the song and how they empathized with the lyrics. They took it upon themselves to do their best in recording the song, to give Seoyeon and her piece the respect they deserve. Through their determination and understanding behind the meaning of the song, fromis_9’s sincerity shone and Seoyeon was moved by their efforts.

A song can be interpreted in many ways. Some may think “Starry Night” is about a romantic relationship or losing someone. During an Instagram Live, Seoyeon explained that she wrote the song to bring consolation to those who are lonely or exhausted. Although she wrote it with that intention, the song can be about anything, as consolation can be anything for each of us. Seoyeon, with her loving and delicate mind, successfully brought us this wonderful song, allowing us to experience our own starry night.

Writer: Monk
Editors: Bruno and Mitch
Designer: Adam
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