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fromis_9’s 3rd mini album My Little Society is finally here! We are introduced to five new songs, each offering something different to its listeners. To celebrate the album’s release, a few members of our team took the time to write and share their thoughts about each song. Our music tastes are different, but we can confidently say that we love the album!


Lyrics by Seo Ji Eum, Chosim
Composed by Lee Woo Min “collapsedone”, Justin Reinstein, JJean
Arranged by Lee Woo Min “collapsedone”, Justin Reinstein

Mitch: I usually imagine a scenery or event while listening to songs and for “Feel Good (SECRET CODE),” it felt like fromis_9 invited us to their house party. It begins with a subtle intro and progresses to a faster beat accompanied by funky guitar and bass riffs. I can definitely imagine anyone letting loose and dancing along to this song because it makes them feel so good.

Adam: Nagyung’s opening, Saerom’s remarkable vocals, Jiheon’s rapping, Gyuri’s bridge, an addictive funky BGM, and a challenging choreo? This song is more than I could have ever hoped for. Our girls are finally back and they’re stronger than ever before.

Bruno: This feels so good… If “FUN!” was that experimental song full of switches, “Feel Good” is its opposite: a track easy to listen to and cohesive from start to finish. Nagyung’s “hello, come into my place” is all it takes to make you feel invited by the beat, and by the time the first chorus hits, you’re already sold on the 80s vibe.

JJ: This title track is absolutely incredible. Definitely the best song on the album with its immaculate chorus, fantastic vocals and a beat with a disco-funk that has not one bad point to it. This song absolutely lives up to its namesake and adds to fromis_9’s god-like title track collection.


Lyrics by Kim In-Hyung, Kako
Composed by Nmore(PRISMFILTER), Choi Young-kyung
Arranged by Nmore(PRISMFILTER)

JJ: This song is an absolute roller coaster on first listen, with all its different sounding parts that keep changing throughout the song. It really works though and I’m loving the video game vibe I get from the song. Also, that bass is my jam 10/10 would try and learn but would result in spectacular failure 100%.

Greg: Weather is such a new sound for fromis_9, and the bass is killing it, the bass is my favorite part of the song, along with the pre-chorus part. Also liking Saerom’s rap, feels like she should do that more, it’s really cute.

Adam: This song changes “like the weather” and every part is better than the last. I’d like to personally congratulate all of the people who worked on it. It’s seriously great.

Bruno: If “Love Bomb” left a patrimony to fromis_9’s sound, it was its videogame inspiration. With an 8-bit-esque instrumental that features in the background throughout the whole song, the quirkiness of “Weather” turns it into a personal favorite. The “drippin’ drippin’ drippin’” in the pre-chorus, an unconventional chorus, and a perfectly executed bridge elevate “Weather” to one of fromis_9’s best releases to date.


Lyrics by Lee Seoyeon, BuildingOwner(PRISMFILTER), Choi Young-kyung
Composed by Lee Seoyeon, BuildingOwner(PRISMFILTER), Choi Young-kyung
Arranged by BuildingOwner(PRISMFILTER)

Mitch: This song hit two birds with one stone: fromis_9’s first ballad and it was written by our talented Seoyeon! It has heartfelt and emotional singing, accompanied by sentimental instrumentals, the perfect combination for flovers’ new lullaby.

JJ: Wow this song got me close to tears on first listen. It’s a beautiful song made by Seoyeon herself with incredible vocals that got me having goosebumps through its entirety. Also, excuse me Jiwon, but that high note should be framed and admired for all eternity (wait, how do you frame vocals?).

Bruno: Properly titled, “Starry Night” feels like a lullaby of sweet verses building up to an ever-evolving chorus full of emotion. Gyuri and Jiwon shine on this track. If there’s anything that leaves to be desired is the song’s length; three minutes is just not enough to make the most out of a ballad such as this one.

Greg: I’ve been waiting for a fromis_9’s ballad since the start because fromis_9 has wonderful vocals, and at last, we got it. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of ballads, but I really love this song. Plus, the fact that Seoyeon composed it makes this song very special in my heart, or maybe every flovers’ heart.


Lyrics by Lee Saerom, Crazy Music, KZ, ANTIK, Lee Yoon Jin, CLEF CREW
Composed by Crazy Music, KZ, ANTIK, Lee Yoon Jin, CLEF CREW
Arranged by Crazy Music, ANTIK

Adam: Are we in a café? We’re in a café. Like “Feel Good” and “Starry Night,” this song perfectly paints a scenery when you close your eyes. Maybe that’s what they meant by inviting us into their very own space.

Mitch: This song felt like I was walking home while daydreaming with the sun setting in the background. The lyrics match perfectly with the overall feel of the song – budding feelings that’s starting to beautifully bloom. Saerom took part in writing the lyrics of this song and I’m so proud of her!

JJ: This song is dripping with a K-RnB vibe that may not be for everyone, but for me, it’s one of the best music genres. It sounds so comforting and a really good example of a “relax and vibe” type song. Probably my second favourite song on the album and is perfect to listen to when completely laidback, forgetting about that important test you have soon, or something along those lines.

Greg: K-RnB, K-Indie and Lo-Fi is my jam, and this song is close to all of that, combining fromis_9 with that, this song is by far my favorite song in the album. The sweet vibe dripping from this song, I could never get bored of this song. With most of the members also liking this kind of song, I really really hope fromis_9 would do more of this in the future, amen.


Lyrics by Lee Saerom, Park Jiwon, Lee Suran, Shannon
Composed by Park Kitae(PRISMFILTER), Shannon
Arranged by Park Kitae(PRISMFILTER)

Mitch: As soon as the guitar intro played, I knew the song would have a nice summery feel which I absolutely love. Listening to it felt like I was a fish (Mulgogi means fish in Korean!) getting carried away by the melody which flows like ocean waves. Ah-hoo!

Bruno: Another track to vibe to from beginning to end, “Mulgogi” is sung from the perspective of a fish that imagines its own little ocean inside his square tank; cute, right? The track might offer less variation than other songs in the album, but hooks you early, leaving to the bridge and the final chorus its biggest turn. Despite being the shortest song out of the five, the playfulness of “Mulgogi” seems just right.

Adam: A classic fromis_9 B-side bop! Fun, easy to listen to and funky. Perfect for extended promotions, though I personally hope they go for “Weather” instead. “Mulgogi” just lacks a little bit of that special something.

JJ: In terms of the chorus this song is up there with “Feel Good” in how good it is, but the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to me is the rapid hi-hats that are a personal dislike of mine. Despite that, it’s still a really good song, and also, was that a laser beam sound effect to bring the beat back? Now that’s cool.

Though the wait was long, fromis_9 couldn’t have made flovers prouder. Once again, they gifted us with an amazing album that joins an impressive list of hits, all of which can be found in our newly created “fromis_9’s Discography” page.

Contributors: Adam, Bruno, Greg, JJ and Mitch
Designer: Adam
Editor: Mitch
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