In early July of 2014, f(x) released their 3rd mini album and its title track “Red Light”. It was a huge success for the group and the last album they would release with 5 members. At the same time, somewhere in South Korea, Lee Saerom was about 17 years old, while Baek Jiheon was only 11. Four years and three months later, fromis_9 was a rookie girl group known for cute concepts, hilarious video content, and they were about to shock their fandom.

Up until this point, we had seen them perform cover songs, as individuals and as a full group, but we had never seen anything like what we all witnessed on October 25, 2018 at M Countdown. Wide-eyed and confused, many of us refreshed our webpages to make sure the thumbnail we had just seen wasn’t an illusion. fromis_9, OUR FROMIS_9 is covering f(x)??? It’s also a live stage!! It was this same day that many of us finally realized what an all-around, can-do-anything group fromis_9 really is.

The performance opens with a nice Halloween graphic followed by what I would consider to be the definition of “Red Light”. Not just 1, but at least 100 red lights line the stage from all directions. All of those pointed down at some blurry figures wearing what appear to be black and white outfits. The song begins. The blurry figures start to walk toward the center of the stage while slowly coming into focus. Feelings of this amazing song and time flood the memories for many of us. It’s actually happening.

The camera finally zooms in to show us our favorite 9 ladies. All 9 of them were wearing f(x) inspired outfits from the original music video. Most of them had adorned neck ties. Some were wearing a jacket, or vest. For the first few moments of the performance, everything had been in a red hue. Once the red fades out and the normal stage lighting takes over, it hits you. fromis_9 just accepted the challenge of “girl crush concept”. It’s really the first time they had taken this avenue on stage, and they delivered.

The subtle details make this stage even better. Gyuri’s black heart eye patch. Hayoung’s little heart stickers below her left eye. Nagyung’s twin tails and stickers. Seoyeon’s hat and holster. Saerom in a suit. Even the stage lighting for the entire performance was on point. Space lasers were all over the place, and there was an amazingly thought-out use of red during the stage. fromis_9 really gave flovers a wonderful Halloween treat.

Six days after shocking flovers all around the world, we were given yet another Halloween treat.  fromis_9 released a choreography video. Not just any choreography video though. This was a “Love Bomb” Halloween Choreography. Love Bomb is already amazing. But now we were getting to see it in Halloween costumes. We had superheroes, villains, heroines, a witch and Trinity.

This choreo video was a little bit different though. Instead of the “strive for perfection” approach, this one takes a turn very shortly after it begins and we get to watch the chaos ensue. It’s one of those videos that you have to watch at least 9 times. For each of those times, you have to watch a different member to see everything that happens. Nagyung steals Gyuri’s gun. Jiwon goes extra. Hayoung notices Jiwon going extra and decides to go even bigger. Endless laughs are to be found, and you’ll find something new each time you watch.

fromis_9 really paved their path and proved how they can do anything during Halloween week in 2018.

☑️ Cover f(x)
☑️ Girl crush concept
☑️ Wear suits
☑️ Bite fingers on stage
☑️ Make the funniest choreography video of all time

They continue to raise the bar, each and every day. We’re past 1,000 days in now. Here’s to the next 1,000. Happy Halloween, flovers.

Also check out fromis_9’s “Red Light” cover for THE100:

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