Gyuri: The GOAT

Jang Gyuri: GOAT. Well, maybe not an actual goat, but she sure does qualify for some of the word’s alternate meanings. In all the history of the world, very few have come close to the level of greatness Gyuri resides in.

Seoul, South Korea. December 27, 1997. A larval Gyul makes her entrance into the world as the daughter of a military Colonel and a music teacher. Doctors have said her first cry as a newborn baby sounded a lot like “Let’s Get It!” Gyuri was born going full speed ahead, and still continues to this day, spreading her happiness and excitement to flovers around the globe without even trying.

Gyuri can always be seen having a blast wherever she is. Unable to remain still, you can always spot her as the member who’s not in her chair.

Source: Channel_9 Season 2 – Quiz Show & Talents (Part 2)

She’s the resident prankster. She’s a rising, talented actress with 2 dramas on her résumé. She likes to play games, and her always-happy attitude frequently causes her to be the one that initiates laughter. She will cover a song and make you forget who the original artist was. When she smiles, you smile.

Some basic Gyuri facts:

1. Vocal goddess

2. Visual queen

3. Balladeer

4. Unlimited Energy

Source: [FM_1.24] – ‘LOVE RUMPUMPUM’ Special Video (in NY) Behind

5. Always in motion

Source: [FM_1.24] – ‘KCON 2019 LA’ Behind

6. The most perfect eye smile you will ever see

7. Possibly has the cutest nose in existence

8. Can power an entire city with her smile

With the wink of one eye, it is easy to see why Gyuri has climbed her way to legendary status in all of our hearts. She may be a Capricorn by birth (a horned goat), but to us, she’s the GOAT: the Greatest of All Time.

Happy Birthday, Jang Gyuri!!

Fansite photos by: orangeroad, Mandarine Ade, flover by fromis_9 & Happy Virus

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