fromis_9’s Zoo

fromis_9’s Zoo

Animals and fromis_9 are a match made in heaven: the members have representative animals, iconic pets, and animal look-alikes; they have imitated animals, dressed as animals, and even ran from them. To celebrate our friends from the animal kingdom and their unique connections to each fromis_9 member, we will take a trip to fromis_9’s Zoo, a place where all animals live in (almost) perfect harmony.


On this tour, the first animal we’ll be meeting is Saerom, the fox. This unique specimen was once mistaken for a cat, but her sharp features would let you make no mistake: she’s a foxy girl. Saerom likes to dress as a dinosaur to appear menacing, but it’s just for show. Despite her strong leadership, she acts quite shy around other animals of this Zoo.

Saerom is the proud mom of Yeoreumi, her adorable Maltese dog who is a constant subject of many photos. The chemistry of the duo is so strong they have a YouTube series together; truly inseparable!


Next to Saerom is another unique specimen. In fact, she’s the most unique of them all. Is she a cat? A raccoon? An alpaca? A hamster? An otter? Officially, she is now listed as a hamster, but Song Hayoung wants to be seen as any cute animal you’d like to call her.

The Dr. Dolittle of the Zoo has lived with multiple dogs and cats, interacted with alpacas and snakes, and cried as her sheep friend murdered a fish… Hayoung’s connection with other animals is so deep she learns their languages. She sings like a dolphin, talks like a cat, and shouts like a crow. All hail the queen of the Zoo!


Contrary to her neighbors, Gyuri has never been mistaken for anything other than a puppy. Often called and compared to Gaejookie, a smiling puppy who became a popular meme in South Korea, Gyuri never hid her love for her fellow canines. From the multiple moments shared with puppies to a puppy phone case, Gyuri is undoubtedly the leader of the pack.

Mistaken are those who think she shows no love for other animal families, however. Gyuri has a track record of copying all sorts of animal plushies and has even shared her time with horses! Given that she once dressed as a giant pink kangaroo, we can safely say she makes no discriminations.

Video timestamped to 1:37.


In a nearby hutch lives Jiwon, the bunny. This particular individual presents uncommon behavior for its species. Not only is it exceptionally loud, but it also fears certain birds, such as pigeons, while showing a wholesome fixation for others. Jiwon reportedly doesn’t go a day without watching cute duck clips on her animal phone.

Have you ever seen a bunny riding a horse? Well, Jiwon won a gold medal in a horseback riding competition with her good friend Tan in 2019. The videos of her horse riding adventures can be found below, just be careful so you don’t go down a rabbit hole.

Click image to be redirected to the video.Watch the competition’s behind video by clicking here.


Jisun, the sheep of misty eyes, lives next door. Loved by some and feared by others, Jisun will shower Achoo (her Pomeranian dog) with love, and relentlessly kill a fish if that means putting food on the table; much to the disapproval of her fish-loving friend Nagyung.

Despite her intimidating capabilities, Jisun puts the animals of the Zoo to sleep in the best way possible: ASMR. Appropriately represented by a drawing of herself in its first few episodes, her sleep-inducing series is a huge success. Using her calm voice and sleepy gaze, she will have you counting sheep in no time.


With huge dark circles around the eyes and an immense tendency to be dozing off in a corner, Seoyeon, the panda, is up next. Her demeanor can vary from that of a kitty to a well-behaved puppy, to the point her neighbors want to have Seoyeon as their pet. She is clingy, though, bear that in mind.

Given that pandas are called “cat bears” in Chinese, Seoyeon’s connection to house pets is not far-fetched. She has been seen wearing a skirt with a photo of Samantha, a fluffy white kitty, and has posed for pictures surrounded by puppies on multiple occasions. If Gyuri doesn’t watch out, Seoyeon will steal all her friends.

Video timestamped to 2:52.


Another puppy wannabe, Chaeyoung, the squirrel, lives in the trees of the Zoo. Just like her good friend Jiwon, this kind-hearted squirrel is afraid of pigeons. The size of her heart is even bigger than her fears, however, proven by her immense ability to look after offspring of her own species.

This squirrel also seems to have a unique relationship with the sheep who lives nearby. One of Chaeyoung’s favorite pastimes is roleplaying as Jisun’s puppy: a scene that has been seen a few times on the Zoo’s official YouTube channel.


Multiple fish, an anemone, a starfish… Are these residents of the Zoo’s aquarium? No, they are all pets who belong to Nagyung, the fish-loving baby chick. Nagyung is capable of spending hours staring at her fish tank, watching as her starfish tries to break its own record of reaching the top of the tank in less than a minute and a half. How exciting!

Around the Zoo, Nagyung was spotted playing with cats and even pretending to be a cat a few times, but her small beak never let her hide her true identity. Nonetheless, she gets along with all sorts of animals regardless of species, including totally real giraffes.


Last but not least, Jiheon, the sea lion, is always overseeing the Zoo’s activities. Seen by her peers as the “guard dog,” she never leaves her habitat unless strictly necessary. Despite her imposing posture, Jiheon is afraid of most animals: she has run from dogs, cats, and sobbed on top of a horse.

Funnily enough, Jiheon is the only one in the Zoo who dares to fight the mighty pigeons to protect Jiwon and Chaeyoung. She’d still rather just play Animal Crossing, though. At the end of the day, her favorite animal is, undoubtedly, the human.

Click image to be redirected to the video.

Did you enjoy the tour? If you crave even more wholesome fromis_9 interactions with animals, check other clips in the playlist below!

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