fromis_9’s Unlock My World Listed Among Top 2023 K-Pop Releases

fromis_9’s Unlock My World Listed Among Top 2023 K-Pop Releases

fromis_9’s first full-length album Unlock My World was released on June 5, 2023. Since then, flovers and K-pop fans have been enjoying the superb ten tracks that came along with the thematic album speaking about being true to oneself.

As July rolled in, online magazines and music sites released their mid-year lists for the best 2023 K-pop music releases so far. Unlock My World secured a spot in a number of these lists where the full album and two of its b-sides were praised. 

Top Album: Unlock My World – fromis_9 – Bandwagon Asia

Excerpt from Bandwagon Asia:

Unlock My World is fromis_9’s first full-length album since officially debuting in 2018, and this is a crucial point – after the high bar that Midnight Guest has set, I’d argue. “I think the sense of responsibility to showcase improved musicality has helped our members become more hands-on about this album with a beginner’s mindset,” member Seo Yeon said in a Bandwagon interview.

fromis_9 likes to say that at the heart of this record is their message of self-discovery and authenticity: “being true to oneself.” Catchphrases like these could be ubiquitous to a fault in the world of K-Pop, but I’d have to hold back until I hear their own take on such lofty ideals.

If the first playthrough is any indication, Unlock My World’s dancefloor-ready, sleek and taut production – while making full use of the members’ vocal strengths – leaves quite the impression. The record fizzes and grooves all throughout its 10 tracks – no fillers, just brimming with house-driven dance-pop gems and the occasional downtempo jam.

“It took us some time for the unique and vivid colours of personality to come together, but I think we have built a strong universe called fromis_9 that is stronger than ever, full of glittering and diverse characters,” Sae Rom told us.

Best K-Pop B-sides: #15 “Attitude” – fromis_9 – Genius Korea

Excerpt from Genius Korea:

Opened with flawless vocals and a smooth drumline, “Attitude” is a track that expresses fromis_9’s desire to move forward without regret or worry, instead holding their heads high and forging ahead confidently. This song fuses futuristic synths and beautifully layered vocals together to create an otherworldly experience for listeners. This catchy dance track builds into a final chorus that is sure to leave listeners headed to the dancefloor!

Best K-Pop B-sides: “In The Mirror” – fromis_9 – Consequence

Excerpt from Consequence:

Take a listen to “In the Mirror,” or many other tracks off this fromis_9 record, and you’ll probably be surprised to learn that it’s their first album. Yes, these girls have put out plenty of EPs since their 2018 debut, but UNLOCK MY WORLD is the assured, interesting full-length debut they deserve. This song is dreamy and transportive, showing off vocal abilities in particular.

Top K-Pop Album of 2023: Unlock My World – fromis_9 – Rate Your Music

Screenshot taken by Promise Publications on July 21, 2023.

Rate Your Music (RYM) is a community-built music and film database, where users can rate, review, catalog, and discover new music and films, as well as participate in contributing to the database itself. It is a platform where music and film enthusiasts share their favorites and discuss new releases. It was founded in 2000 and currently has over a million users.

As of July 18th, fromis_9’s Unlock My World was ranked as RYM’s Top K-Pop Album of 2023 with a score of 3.49 from 796 ratings. RYM users can rate a song up to 5.0, with 0.5 increments. Five users also left their review for the album on the platform. 

It’s been a long time coming for fromis_9’s first full album. As flovers, it fills us with pride and joy to see the music of our favorite girls get the recognition and appreciation it deserves! 

Stream Unlock My World on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

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