fromis_9’s Running Jokes

fromis_9’s Running Jokes

Picture this: You’re watching fromis_9. They make a joke or an offhand reference and they all laugh. You’re a little confused, but you decide to laugh along with them. Later, you then see them make the same joke in a different video, resulting in them and other flovers dying of laughter. Well, if this situation sounds familiar, we’ve gone and done the research for you! Here are 9 running jokes flovers are bound to come across while watching fromis_9 content.

fromis_9’s Obsession With Twerking

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During a Channel_9 In The House episode, Jisun mentions that she saw a member of Bbiyongz (Hayoung, Jiwon and Chaeyoung) twerking in their room. Why? Jisun doesn’t know, she just puts it up to the people in that room being “interesting.” The twerking phenomenon has now spread group-wide. While twerking died as a trend years ago, it lives on through fromis_9.

Jisun is Ponyo

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Jisun is extremely cute. So much so that since 2017 she’s had the nickname ‘Ponyo,’ named after the main character of the Studio Ghibli film with the same name. It came about after Saerom saw a clip of Jisun sleeping and thought she looked just like the adorable goldfish-turned-human. Though Jisun says she has now outgrown the nickname, every now and then her Ponyo side makes an appearance much to the delight of flovers.

Gyuri’s Cheeseburger Aegyo

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Get this. During fromis_9’s “Love Bomb” comeback, Gyuri was in charge of being cute. She would do aegyo all the time, her favorite being of the cheeseburger variety. Can you believe that?! This earlier version of Gyuri is a far cry from today’s Gyuri, who becomes filled with anger at the suggestion of her acting cute. I wonder what happened there…

Jiwon’s Strawberry Series

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After randomly deciding to slurp a whole strawberry off the side of a smoothie glass, Jiwon has decided to keep eating strawberries in that way because…why not? Jiheon once specifically told her not to do it, but guess what? Megan did it anyway. No one can stop her ongoing strawberry series.

‘Walking in’ on the Members Practicing

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“Oh my!”; “You scared me!”; “You caught me practicing!”; and “I’m so embarrassed!” These phrases are said by fromis_9 members all the time, and since “FUN!”, have become somewhat of a tradition each promotion period. A member with a camera will sneak up on another member practicing, they get surprised, and every time it’s totally genuine and definitely not staged.

Ridiculous Compliments from Mera to Saerom

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Everyone loves Saerom, especially fromis_9’s staff. They make this very clear by getting Mera (nicknamed ‘Mera’ from ‘Camera’) to give the Captain the most outrageously cringey compliments from behind the camera at every opportunity. Saerom has caught onto this, however, and now refuses to hear Mera’s compliments, no matter how hard they try.

Chaeyoung is Jisun’s Puppy

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If her being Ponyo wasn’t cute enough, Jisun is also the proud owner of the human puppy Lee Chaeyoung, a.k.a Chaeng-puppy. After finding out they would be roommates in the first episode of Channel_9 EfG, Jisun decided to adopt the curious but cowardly puppy. She looked on like a proud mother when she saw Chaeng-puppy go out for a walk during the 9 WAY TICKET Jacket Shooting.

Peek-A-Boo Gyuri

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Back in 2018, Gyuri competed in Produce 48. During a performance of “Peek-A-Boo,” a sick Gyuri had an unfortunate voice crack which ultimately resulted in her elimination. She’s moved past it and is firmly back in fromis_9, but every now and then Peek-A-Boo is referenced by some of the more mischievous members. It’s all out of love, however, and makes for some hilarious moments.

Chaeyoung’s AIR~

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“What is fromis_9 to you?” is a very loaded and heavy question for fans of fromis_9, let alone fromis_9 themselves. When this question was asked at the end of Channel_9 Season 2, Chaeyoung came up with the ingenuous answer of “Air~” because fromis_9 is all around her. In fact, the answer was so good that Jiwon and Jiheon have borrowed it for themselves when asked similar questions. 

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