fromis_9’s PC Pokémon

We’ve seen each member’s first team, but what about the other Pokémon fromis_9 would have caught on their adventures? There’s got to be a few in each of their PC’s just waiting to be used one day!



The youngest has said that she eats 2-3 times more than the other members, and according to Chaeyoung, Jiheon can eat so much that her stomach bulges into a big belly. Going by that, the ‘Big Eater Pokémon’ fits her nicely.


Jiheon is a proven artist, not just through her singing, but also through her drawings. She even had a Channel_9 episode dedicated to her skills, and an old nickname of hers was ‘Baekcasso.’ Just look at these cute things.


What better match could there be for the ‘Honey Maknae’ than the one labeled as the ‘Beehive Pokémon?’ Vespiquen is even based on a queen bee, that just like a maknae, can only be found once in every group. Jiheon’s also just a queen in general.



Nakko is like the sun because she’s cheerful and brightens up everyone’s day. She’s like a flower because she’s refreshing and a beautiful sight to see. Put them together and you get Sunflora, it’s not just because she’s blonde.

Alolan Dugtrio

Speaking of Nagyung being blonde, she has been sporting golden locks for quite some time. Over a year and a half, in fact. Quite surprising considering she’s known for her ever-changing hair colour.


A smol, adorable, aegyo-filled fairy is a perfect description for Nakko, and Celebi is just that. Celebi’s even based on a plant bulb, which may eventually blossom(lng_0) just like Nagyung has.


Alolan Exeggutor

The tallest land-dwelling Pokémon is fitting for the tallest member of fromis_9, who beats Gyuri by a single centimeter. The difference between the tallest and shortest Pokémon is 10.8 m, which is just a little bigger than Chaeyoung’s 11-12 cm advantage over the balanced line.


Remember that one episode in the Pokémon anime where there was a ditto who could transform into anything, but the face would remain the same? It’s a scene that caused many to burst into laughter just as Chaeyoung has done through her comedic impersonations.


For quite some time now, Chaeyoung has been known as the comedian of fromis_9. In addition to providing many laughs through the anime, Wobuffet is based on a Japanese comedian, making it a perfect fit for our energizer.



Ambipom has two giant hands on its tails, and Seoyeon is a very handsy person, known to have ‘bad hands’ that move on their own whenever she’s near the members. In Captain Romsae’s words, she is ‘fromis_9’s official pervert.’


Even though her sleepy image was unwanted at first, Seoyeon’s natural dark circles and soothing voice make her a walking sleeping pill. She seems to be in a permanent state of drowsiness, just like how Komala is in a permanent state of sleep.


What exactly do Snorlax and Seoyeon have in common? Are they both pandas? Check. Are they both known for their sleepiness? Check. Are they both extremely soft and squishy? Definitely a check.



Jisun = Rose. Not only is it her English name and the basis for her Instagram username (ro.x_rhz), but she is also the embodiment of a rose. A beautiful, bloomed flower that brightens everyone’s day. 


Move over, Chaeyoung, there’s a new comedian in fromis_9. Described as ‘the rising star of entertainment,’ Jisun has slowly come out of her shell and turned into a laugh generator. May she rise and fly high like Minior do after they shed their shells.


Serperior is known for its powerful glare that can stop opponents in their tracks. What is that similar to? Jisun’s constant judging, of course! It’s as if she’s straight out of The Office as she turns every moment into a mockumentary.



Why use a speaker if you have a Park Jiwon? She puts all those expensive brands to shame. Bose? Beats? JBL? Who needs them when you have the literal embodiment of a human speaker? A perfect partner for the ‘Sound Wave Pokémon.’


There have been many accounts of Jiwon’s constant leg shaking and all the girls say she can’t sit still. It’s as if her life depended on it, just like Spoinks who keep bouncing to keep their heart beating.


Carefree is a word that suits Megan Park very well. Considering she’s the member who has her face censored for image protection the most, in addition to her over-the-top ‘girlfriend concept’ aegyo, the ‘Carefree Pokémon’ fits her nicely.



Bisharp is reminiscent of a soldier and Gyuri is the daughter of an army colonel. Her parents were strict and she was a model student, which explains why she’s in charge of innocence in fromis_9.


In 2020, Gyuri landed her very first TV drama role in the show ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,’ where she played a nurse named Sun Byul. In the Pokémon world, there’s one Pokémon that’s a must. The partner to all Nurse Joys, Chansey, of course!


Gyuri is a puppy. She looks exactly like gaejookie, for crying out loud! But which Pokémon puppy is most like Gyuri? Well, if you combine her love for running, then you get the adorable electric type Yamper!



Hayoung’s representative animal is a raccoon, but when drawing the members as animals, Jiheon drew her as a mouse. Well, if the two animals are combined, you get Zigzagoon, the ‘Tiny Mouse Pokémon,’ perfect for someone as cute as Hayoung.


Despite being a lead vocal, Hayoung fits the ‘Dancing Pokémon’ as she trained as a dancer in her youth. There are many pre-debut clips of her crushing hip-hop choreography in baggy clothes and a bucket hat. 


The ‘Humming Pokémon,’ which can also sing melodies, would make a great pair with Hayoung. Her quirk of randomly breaking into song has been captured on film quite a few times. Most of the time, they’re songs that she’d made up herself! 



This Pokémon is classified as the ‘Fox Pokémon,’ which is Saerom’s representative animal. They’re also vengeful, which also fits Romsae. According to Chaeyoung, she doesn’t forget when she gets teased, making her the most fun to tease!


Swannas are known to be dancers, which makes sense as they were inspired by the Swan Lake. Like the ballet, Saerom is just as elegant. She dances with such poise, which was truly on display in her ‘Billie Eilish – i love you’ performance.


Saerom is the mirror image of a Charmander. She’s cute, charming, and has a fiery passion that can’t be beat. When she’s given a plushie of one, it’s like she’s holding herself! Adorableness to the max.

Secret trainer

After ascending to the top of the K-pop mountain, it seems the rumors were true. It’s time to face the strongest trainer in all the lands, the man who taught all the trainers you’ve already beaten. It’s none other than… KIM HEECHUL!


Early in his career, Heechul was constantly mistaken for a woman with his long hair and feminine demeanour. Delphox is quite clearly based on a witch, a traditionally female character, but it actually has an 87.5% chance to be male! Just as confusing as Heechul was back then.

Mr. Rime

The ‘Comedian Pokémon’ is a perfect fit for Heechul. Nowadays, in addition to being an idol, Heechul has become a comedian and MC, evident in the multitude of shows he appears in, such as ‘Knowing Bros’ and Delicious Rendezvous.’ 


Alakazam can memorise anything, and it never forgets what it learns. Anyone who has witnessed Heechul’s incredible memory of past events, especially past music and TV shows, can attest to the similarity between the two.


In 2017, 41 participants joined ‘Idol School’ in the hopes of debuting in a 9-member girl group, with the ‘homeroom teacher’ being Kim Heechul. In the anime, Oranguru acts as a guide to help people with their problems and find their way, just like Heechul did.


Knowledge is said to have been bestowed upon humans by Uxie, who further gave them the intelligence to improve their lives. Similarly, Heechul bestowed the knowledge of the K-pop world to his students, who later became fromis_9.


Above all else, Heechul is fromis_9’s father figure. Just like the ancestor of all Pokémon, it all comes back to him. They are his students, and they will forever be grateful for all he has done to help them in their careers. Thank you, Heechul!!!

That’s it! You’ve defeated him. You have conquered the entire fromis_9 region! You are now number one in the eyes of fromis_9, as you are in real life. That’s right, you, flover. It’s thanks to you that fromis_9 are able to perform music, provide content and live their dream as an idol group. fromis_9 and flovers fighting!

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Editors: Bruno and Mitch
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