fromis_9’s Naver NOW Highlights: Part 2

We are back with two more fromis_9 appearances on Naver NOW! If you missed Part 1, check it here!

200923 – Lunch Attack

As the name indicates, Lunch Attack is a laid-back show broadcasted around lunchtime. The program is hosted by Danny Ahn and Son Hoyoung, two members of the legendary first-generation K-pop group g.o.d. Using their experience, the hosts joke around and create a light atmosphere for the guests to join the fun and show their charms.

With the lone absence of Seoyeon, who was still recovering from a leg injury, fromies were asked to introduce themselves inspired by cute baby sounds. The interpretations were the most varied: from Jisun’s lewd version to the always over the top antics of Jiwon and Chaeyoung.

Note: Timestamped to fromis_9’s introductions.

As the show progressed to its main corner, the girls were then challenged to use their imagination to portray themselves in various skits started by the hosts. From the most mundane situations to a zombie apocalypse, the members had little time to think and act out the scenes. Nagyung opened up with confidence, asking her imaginary manager to take her out of their planned schedule so she could sleep some more.

Note: Timestamped to Nagyung’s skit.

After Gyuri used her antidote to save Jisun from turning into a zombie, Jiheon was teleported into a strange place: flovers’ hearts. Her seemingly forced expression of love towards flovers granted Jiheon many teasing remarks and a number of appalled comments left in the live chat.

Note: Timestamped to Jiheon’s skit.

Jiwon applying makeup in hopes of being recognized by a fan, Chayoung’s desire to travel abroad, Jisun’s wish of having a remote to control time… Little by little the girls displayed their acting side before it was time to sing live. Taking advantage of eight members being present, fromis_9’s “Somebody to Love” was performed on the spot.

PROmis_9 is not their nickname by chance; these nine girls have proven time and time again they can adapt to any situation, no matter how it presents itself. The song started with a duplicated backtrack, forcing Hayoung to be extra careful with her ad-libs until the problem was fixed. After that, it was just a matter of warming up to the song and letting flovers enjoy the vocal display.

Note: Timestamped to fromis_9’s “Somebody to Love” performance.

A live show that aired only six days before Hayoung’s birthday couldn’t end without mentioning it. When asked about what she wanted the most from flovers, Hayoung explained that since fans can’t attend performances due to the ongoing pandemic, all she wanted was to hear their fan chants through videos. Needless to say, flovers from different parts of the world stepped up to make Hayoung’s birthday wish come true only a few days later:

To leave the birthday girl even more excited, Lunch Attack only ended after Hayoung got a proper cake to celebrate. As we know, no one is as passionate about her birthday as Hayoung herself.

Note: Timestamped to Lunch Attack’s surprise to Hayoung.

200928 – Neinom

Neinom was fromis_9’s re-encounter with Jung Hyeong Don (Doni) and Defconn (Coni), familiar faces both to idols and fans due to their years of experience presenting variety shows, most notably Weekly Idol. This time, however, rather than taking part in the fun games and Random Play Dances the hosts are known for, the girls of fromis_9 had to become the perfect “saleswomen,” helping give away a wide array of items.

Belonging to Neinom’s hosts, guests, and staff, the products up for grabs varied from clothes to Lego sets, and could be obtained by viewers after answering complicated questions related to the show through SMS. Before that, of course, the items needed to be presented to the audience, and no one better than fromis_9 themselves to do the honors.

Although the giveaway was the main attraction of that day’s program, fromis_9 only needed a few seconds to steal the show. Jisun, for example, used her eloquence to create a masterful introduction for something as simple as a pen.

Note: Timestamped to Jisun’s item introduction.

With the articles properly introduced, listeners had a few minutes to send the hosts messages before the giveaway started. One question in particular made Doni recall a fierce encounter he had with Gyuri in the past: she flicked his forehead as a punishment during “Prison Life of Fools,” a variety show in which Gyuri appeared as a guest.

The host, who has been working on such shows for years, described being so shocked at Gyuri’s strength during that incident that he puts her in the top 3 strongest girl group members he has been hit by. The other fromis_9 members expressed being just as taken aback when watching that moment, adding that Gyuri is certainly not weak.

Note: Timestamped to Gyuri’s forehead flick talk.

As the items started being picked up by viewers, fromis_9 was asked what they would give away if they were to host a similar event for their (at the time) upcoming 1000th day anniversary. If you ever had the dream of holding your very own Shibaski, don’t lose your hope; Jiwon is willing to let it go.

Note: Timestamped to fromis_9’s giveaway talk.

Extensively promoting “Feel Good,” the hosts played the song repeatedly throughout the show, but what caught their attention each time the track was on was Chaeyoung’s capability of delivering instant fan service whenever the camera focused on her. As usual, her amusing attitude caused laughter and granted her some teasing.

Note: Timestamped to Chaeyoung’s fan service talk.

Following Chaeyoung’s act, the theme of acting persisted until the end of the broadcast, with giveaway questions mentioning renowned Korean actresses and Gyuri expressing her desire to play a character in a romance movie. It was Chaeyoung, however, that once again proved she was born to be an entertainer by saying her goodbyes in the style of an award speech.

Note: Timestamped to Chaeyoung’s goodbyes.

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