fromis_9’s Naver NOW Highlights: Part 1

One of the highest points of any promotion cycle is all the variety content we get. Following the release of My Little Society, fromis_9 has guested on numerous radio shows, including four appearances on Naver NOW broadcasts, a streaming service that runs 24 hours with programs hosted by well-known names in the Korean entertainment industry.

With the added bonus of being viewable radio, Naver NOW has opened to fromis_9 a space for them to share behind stories, display their skills, and let their variety sense shine. In this first part, we’ve separated our favorite moments from the first two Naver NOW shows to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything!

200917 – Avengirls

The first Naver NOW show fromis_9 attended was Avengirls, an energetic broadcast catered towards idol fans and hosted by a different girl group member each day of the week. WJSN’s Dayoung was in charge of keeping fromis_9’s spirits high for the day, and we can confidently say she succeeded.

Motivated by Dayoung’s energetic introductions, Gyuri showed her acting prowess right away by re-enacting a famous love confession scene from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, a drama in which she acted as nurse Sun Byeol. This time, however, the love was entirely directed towards flovers.

Note: Timestamped to Gyuri’s acting.

Dayoung seemed to be on a mission to take all the inhibitions out of fromis_9 and lead them into showing their playfulness and aegyo to the fullest, and that’s how the show carried on. After moments of Jiwon being extra towards the camera, Jiheon’s forced attempt at showing her cuteness, and Nagyung adorably “destroying” the microphone, it was time to take a break to talk about their promotions and share some interesting bits of information.

When asked about possible spoilers given to flovers prior to the comeback, Saerom explained that one of her first Instagram posts after opening her own account contained lyrics spoilers of “Feel Good.” In the post, she uses the initials of her part “I like that twinkle in your eyes when you look at me, alright” or “나를 볼 때 반짝인 그 눈빛이 좋아, 올라잇” in hopes fans will get the hint. Sadly, no one guessed it correctly.

Following more playing around and Jiheon categorically stating no one would know from her if she won the lottery, arguably the highest point of the broadcast arrived when Jiwon prepared herself for an unexpected song cover. Nothing less than “Shallow,” originally by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, was sung live by our Main Vocalist before flovers could even prepare for it. We’ll let Jiwon’s performance speak for itself:

Note: Timestamped to Jiwon’s performance of “Shallow”.

Whew! To think minutes later she was doing “heart bbyong bbyong” aegyo.

Note: Timestamped to Jiwon’s aegyo.

200921 – Diary

Hosted by Heize, one of Korea’s most popular soloists, Diary is a program inspired by her same-titled song. During the broadcast, guests and listeners are encouraged to “write” a diary together with the host by sharing their feelings and stories. To make fromis_9 comfortable from the start, Heize congratulated the girls on topping the iTunes album charts in five different regions and let them order whatever they wanted to eat; an easy way into their hearts.

On the topic of food, Jiwon and Chaeyoung shared all the edible party props used on the shooting of the “Feel Good” music video were going to be thrown away, but of course, fromis_9 couldn’t let that happen. Coming to the rescue with their insatiable appetite, the girls ate it all, leaving no traces of popcorn behind.

After listening to each of the members’ worries regarding this latest comeback, a question arose regarding the lifting parts of their choreography. Members who do the lifting, and those getting lifted, gave us their different perspectives, sharing exactly what goes through their minds during the performances when both flashy moves get executed.

Note: Timestamped to the conversation about the lifting choreography.

Of course, in a show with a “diary” premise, heartfelt moments couldn’t be left out. Hayoung, for example, shared how she held back her tears behind her mask when listening to “Feel Good” for the first time together with the other members. It was the moment it finally hit her that fromis_9 was having their long-awaited comeback.

What touched flovers the most, however, was knowing that the girls miss their fans so much that they go to the extent of greeting empty stands, trying to keep a positive mindset imagining flovers are there cheering for them during performances. A change in topic was necessary to keep the girls from crying.

Note: Timestamped to fromis_9’s emotional talk about missing flovers.

To wrap up the talk nicely, Saerom was asked to compliment the members. In no time, she highlighted what makes each of them so important for the group, emphasizing their different roles and characteristics. The Captain then heard appreciative comments back from Chaeyoung and Jisun, who made it clear fromis_9 could have no better leader than her.

Note: Timestamped to the members complimenting each other.

Such a warm broadcast couldn’t end without a ballad. AKMU’s “How can I love the heartbreak, you`re the one I love” was performed live by Hayoung, who lent her sweet tone to add the cherry on top of that night’s show.

Note: Timestamped to Hayoung’s performance of “How can I love the heartbreak, you`re the one I love”

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