fromis_9’s Mafia Dance: 9 Members, 9 Roles

fromis_9’s Mafia Dance: 9 Members, 9 Roles

Mafia, called Werewolf in some countries, is a popular party game that ultimately boils down to a minority of players (the Mafia) looking to eliminate a majority (the civilians) one by one without being caught. At the start of the game, all players are secretly assigned their roles, and only the Mafia gets to know who their partners in crime are. A game of Mafia has two phases: day and night. During the day, players discuss and vote to eliminate one person they believe is the Mafia; during the night, the Mafia chooses someone to kill.

For Dingo Global (DGG), fromis_9 played Mafia Dance, a twist to the traditional game. Wearing headphones and listening to “WE GO”, the girls had the task of dancing to the song without making a single mistake. After months of practice, the challenge seemed simple, but not for the Mafia, who would be listening to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” during their performance instead.

This mix couldn’t bring a different result: 20 minutes of pure entertainment. To recount one of the most memorable videos of the 9 Way Ticket era, we chose to use a little bit of imagination to come up with the true roles of all nine members in DGG’s Mafia Dance.

Saerom, the Clumsy Associate

Saerom is an inexperienced Mafia ally who dreams of permanently joining the criminal organization and climbing its ranks. As the most valuable associate she can be, she has no ties with the higher-ups, making her an expendable resource at the first sight of any threat. Despite Saerom always doing her best, her inexcusable mistakes eventually lead to her getting thrown under the bus with no mercy.

Hayoung, the Righteous Citizen

Lawful and vocal about her fight against injustice, Hayoung is a model citizen. She has a pure heart and believes every person is naturally good at birth, which makes her lose her mind when faced with unfairness and manipulation. In an environment led by greed, Hayoung represents what’s best in humanity, but sadly for her, the “powerful” will always find a way to use the common folk in their favor.

Gyuri, the Overconfident Detective

Gyuri is a detective certain of her intellect. Despite often picking the wrong targets, she thinks she is one step ahead of everyone, and mocks those who dare to disagree with her. The Mafia, on the other hand, sees her as a key collaborator, given that she unknowingly leads the eyes of justice away from them. In her attempts to fool the criminals, Gyuri usually ends up fooling herself.

Jiwon, the Boss’ Right Hand

Jiwon is the only one who has the full trust of the Mafia boss. As any loyal assistant would, she does everything to keep the Mafia alive and thriving, and is always willing to divert attention to herself to protect the organization. Her main strength is hiding in plain sight. No matter the topic being discussed, she has a say in it. In the eyes of most, she is nothing but a hardworking civilian.

Jisun, the Self Advocate

Controlled under most circumstances, Jisun is often content as long as she’s not accused of being part of the Mafia. She rarely takes sides, but stands no nonsense about her either, bringing out an array of arguments to get her out of tricky situations. At the end of the day, she is a civilian like any other who wants to live peacefully, but is her astute reasoning enough to beat the Mafia?

Seoyeon, the Usual Suspect

Seoyeon is on the quiet side, but her expressions alone speak for her. She seems guilty regardless of her actions, making her a number one suspect from the get-go. Unfortunately for the other civilians, she likes the attention that comes with suspicion and only smiles as the accusations pile in. What Seoyeon doesn’t understand is that her silence can become a death sentence.

Chaeyoung, the Permanent Threat

Chaeyoung is not only talkative, but inquisitive. Even more than detective Gyuri, she is a real menace to the Mafia, thanks to her out-of-the-box thinking. With the lack of support from other civilians, however, her intrusiveness may end up costing her. By questioning herself and not trusting her instincts, her own life can be at risk.

Nagyung, the Naive Civilian

Nagyung enjoys the thrill of facing the Mafia, but becomes easy prey on their hands. Her own mistakes put her in the spotlight and her confusing attempts to explain herself only dig her grave deeper. She is an innocent girl, but an indefensible one. Even the most sensible of civilians would point their fingers at her when asked who the Mafia is.

Jiheon, the Mafia Lord

Jiheon is the one who runs the Mafia business. Respected and followed blindly by the Mafiosi, she is known for making no mistakes, choosing targets and taking them down quickly. Jiheon’s slyness allows her to swiftly defuse any suspicions against her persuasively, making even those on the right side of the law trust her to protect them against the Mafia.

Watch fromis_9’s Mafia Dance on Dingo Global:

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Designers: Adam and Bruno
Editors: Adam and Mitch
Proofreader: Brad
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