fromis_9’s Attractive Moments

fromis_9’s Attractive Moments

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve compiled some attractive moments for each fromis_9 member! These moments show the various charms of the members, leaving flovers captivated by their presence, in awe of their skills, or more affectionate to them.


Saerom’s stage presence leaves an impression, especially when she performs a sexy and charismatic song. Her perfectly practiced dance moves, facial expressions and gazes never fail to match the mood of the song. It’s safe to say that every flover was left speechless after watching Saerom’s dance cover to “Lights On” by H.E.R.

When off stage, Saerom radiates a different kind of charm. She’s seen as the warm-hearted and loving Captain who has adorably dumb moments. In Tingle Interview, Saerom does her best in her first ASMR video. Her animated expressions and reactions will leave anyone amused.


The words “Song Hayoung” and “passion” are synonymous. This is proven when she plays games with (or rather against) the other members. Due to this passion, Hayoung often impresses the other members which has coined the phrase “멋있다 하냥” (“Hayoung, you’re so cool”). She would often win games through her commitment too. This once made for a captivating moment where Hayoung runs to hug her teammate Chaeyoung as she happily exclaims “First place!”

Although she enjoys beating the others in a game, Hayoung loves taking good care of her members even more. She regularly treats the girls to a meal or cooks food for them herself, as seen in from 2 meals or In The HOUSE. Hayoung’s nurturance doesn’t end there though. To make sure the members eat their fill, Ha-mom will even spoon-feed them. In fact, it’s tradition for her to make seaweed soup and feed it to the members on their birthdays.


When Gyuri was asked which nickname she liked the most, she chose sunbae and it’s the perfect one for her (her princess nickname died so sunbae could rise). She’s cool, reliable and smart. Gyuri’s very attractive when she thinks, especially when she was playing DaVinci code during Mafiarity Report. Gyuri kept her composure and analyzed the game with every move, securing her win during the first round of the board game.

Aside from the brains, Gyuri also has the brawn, which can be seen in her latest drama Cheer Up. Our actress plays Tae Chohee, a laid-back senior cheerleader who isn’t afraid to step on people’s toes. In one of the show’s most viral moments, bad girl Tae Chohee uses her purse to beat up her ex-boyfriend, leaving both flovers and the audience awestruck.


Jiwon is often seen as a lively and energetic member. She brightens up the room with her dynamic reactions and bizarre behavior. To her credit, there are unserious moments when she actually radiates confident energy, like her solo photoshoot in fashion_9. In her Reply 1988 Ra Miran inspired outfit, she embodied the charisma and personality of the strong and poised motherly character.

While we often see a playful Jiwon on cam, we’ve also seen her professional moments in behind-the-scenes videos. Jiwon is an INTJ and they’re known to have strong work ethics. A perfect example for this is the “Fly High” recording behind, where she’s fully focused and determined to perfectly record the group’s first self-composed song.


Jisun has always been recognized for her cooking skills. She’s a self-taught home chef who learned her ways in the kitchen by watching cooking shows and searching for recipes online. Her skills and knowledge were acknowledged by celebrity chef Baek Jongwon, and Jisun was the first idol to win in the reality cooking show Crazy Recipe Adventure. Of course, nothing compares to when she cooks a hearty meal for everyone in fromis_9.

Another attractive trait of Jisun’s is her unbothered behavior. Scared Jisun? She doesn’t exist. Jisun laughed her way through horror_9 while the others were screaming and scared. Pain tolerance? Limitless. fromis_9’s unbothered queen showed no reaction after the lie detector shocked her hand at maximum power. She even enjoyed the helium penalty that came after that.


Seoyeon is fromis_9’s carefree confident queen. She isn’t afraid to share oddly angled selfies, photos with unflattering poses, and even foot pics (for free!). In variety content, Seoyeon is usually quiet and laughing at the side, but once they turn the key to unleash her confident persona, there’s no holding her back. She can easily ask flovers to film a movie with her, and coolly order an iced americano while popping.

Seoyeon’s carefree and confident demeanor isn’t for no reason though. On top of being a talented singer, dancer and rapper, Seoyeon is a full-fledged song producer. She may look adorable while producing, almost as if she’s bored and just playing around, but she leaves fans shocked when she suddenly teases a banger of a song.


Aside from arguably being fromis_9’s most glamorous member, Chaeyoung is also known to be the group’s strongest. Although Saerom is often admired for her chiseled abs or strong arms, Chaeyoung is most often seen doing the literal heavy lifting in the group. She casually lifted a rock that none of the other members could budge, and she also loves to carry the members themselves.

Despite her impressive physique though, Chaeyoung is undoubtedly the biggest scaredy-cat out of the nine. This was made clear as early as the first season of Channel_9 where she went to shoot zombies in VR but ended up screaming and crawling in circles on the floor. She hasn’t changed much since then though, as seen in horror_9. Thankfully, there are less panicky members like Jisun who can protect this adorable coward.


Driven by her desire to win, Nagyung never fails to give her full focus when playing, making her fromis_9’s resident gamer. The members would always turn to Nagyung, the brain of the group, when it comes to solving puzzle games. In Channel_9, she guided the group while playing Pico Park, and she solved the murder mystery of the from_Village case. Although Nagyung is very competitive, she is also patient and considerate like the time she taught and played PUBG with Saerom. Nagyung hard-carried the both of them and secured the win!

When the group is in need of a Chinese speaker, it’s Nagyung’s time to shine. Her fluency and almost perfect pronunciation was a product of her growing up and studying in China for a few years. We get to see one of the most introverted members represent the group by speaking and conversing in Mandarin. She was also chosen as a special MC for Tainan World Kpop Concert, where she spoke Mandarin for the Chinese audience.


Being the youngest in a group often means being the cutest or most doted on member. For our Baek Jiheon, it’s no different. One of our personal favorite moments is when Jiheon made the members’ hearts melt by reading her self-written poem. After the members applauded her and swooned over her, the poet then proudly explained how she used the phrase “my pretty friend” to create metre in her poem. 

Despite being the maknae, Jiheon will often remind us that she isn’t a kid anymore. Through her sexy stage presence and powerful Instagram updates, fromis_9’s Gen Z-er reminds fans that she has grown up to be a self-assured young adult like the other members. Her most recent SNS updates portray a cool and confident youngster dressed in trendy outfits.

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