fromis_9 Workshop Experiences

fromis_9 Workshop Experiences

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve tried or even picked up new hobbies to keep the boredom away whilst staying at home to protect ourselves from the virus. We went from making dalgona coffees to filling up the house with plants. With how things are going on now, we may need to find more activities to help us stay sane and busy amidst the crisis. That’s what our girls did as they experienced various entertaining workshops!

Jiheon’s “My Way” Perfume Workshop

As some of you may already know, Jiheon is a true homebody. So it’s surprising to see her go out on her own and experience a perfume workshop! Our maknae preferred her perfume to have a natural, floral, and fruity scent that goes along with spring. With that, Jiheon started by picking a strong herb scent as the base note of her perfume, which serves as the backbone of the fragrance. For the middle note, or the “heart” of the perfume, Jiheon mixed the scent of lily, heliotrope, and freesia, which would mainly contribute to the perfume’s floral scent.  Kkulging chose a grapefruit scent as the top note – the scent that serves as the first impression. For the final touch, Jiheon selected ambery wood and white musk as the sillage, which could be best described as the perfume trail left in the air that lingers even when the wearer has already left.

On her second try at fusing everything together, Jiheon finished her own perfume named “J HEON 04” – a fragrance that brings spring vibes!  It’s a bummer, though, that we didn’t get to smell the perfume, but we’re sure that it goes along well with our maknae’s charm!

Food-centric Pottery Time with Seoyeon, Nagyung and Jiheon

Jiheon, this time joined by Nagyung and Seoyeon, tried making some pottery. Seoyeon opted to make a cute and simple mug while filling up the room with her monologues. Nagyung made a soup bowl and a candle holder, with careless splashes of paint which she explained as the main detail of the ceramic. Jiheon made a samgyeopsal meat plate and a vegetable bowl. However, the opening seemed to be small, which her unnies jokingly pointed out. The maknae was quick to defend her work by explaining that making space for the vegetables to go in was not the main point of her piece, rather to have a plate with plenty of space for meat. Although the ceramics still had to undergo the baking process by the end of the video, the girls hosted a V LIVE where they showed flovers their pieces.

Saerom, Jiwon, and Jisun Fights with Wood

The 98z, Jisun and Jiwon, bonded with their captain Saerom to make some wood products in a private studio. Saerom chose to make a color palette, a task that turned out to be harder than what our captain expected. Jiwon had it easy since a basic wooden shape was already given to her, and all she had to do was to carve deeper into it to make a big soup spoon, her item of choice. Jisun, fitting to her role as the main chef, made a cutting board. With the thickness of the wooden board provided, it would surely help Roh Janggeum to slice things up with more stability!

While watching the episode, you might notice how 98z were having a blast as their woodworks were relatively easy to make, unlike the oldest who was busy carving her color palette. Of course, they lent a helping hand, with the teacher providing the biggest contribution. The trio then finished their woodworks as they engraved details for the final touch.  

Therapeutic(?) Painting Session with Hayoung, Gyuri, and Chaeyoung

In the final episode of the workshop series, Hayoung was with the twin towers, Gyuri and Chaeyoung, to make some artworks in a painting workshop. As some of you may already know, the vice-captain isn’t entirely new to painting as we saw from her posted artworks. It’s no surprise to see her remarkably paint the aurora borealis above the snow-capped mountains, where she truly captured the overwhelming feeling in seeing it. But Chaeng and Gyul didn’t let Hanyang take the spotlight all for herself, as they also did a great job in painting what they wanted!

Chaeyoung painted cherry blossoms at their full bloom, which evokes the feeling of excitement towards spring. Gyuri, on the other hand, painted a girl looking at the sunset over the sea, which Hayoung described as something romantic. To wrap up the episode, Chaeyoung didn’t let the chance go to show her comedic and weird side. She named her own painting “Cherry Blossom Zombie”, Gyuri’s painting as “Zombie”, and Hayoung’s “Kingdom”; all of which were unrelated to what they painted.

Even if we don’t have the chance to go outside and experience some workshops for ourselves, the girls have us covered as they’re making sure to replace the boredom with fun and unique videos for us to enjoy instead. May it be through variety shows or stage performances, we don’t only enjoy watching them, but we also get to know them deeper. With this workshop series, we realized even more how fromis_9 aren’t only talented idols on stage, but also individuals gifted with creative minds and golden hands!

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