fromis_9: The Reason Why We Smile

fromis_9: The Reason Why We Smile

Three years ago, fromis_9 officially started their journey. During this walk, not only their talent and diligence were made clear to flovers, but the love and care they poured into everything they created, not just for themselves, but also for us.

… we want to be a haven, a sanctuary, a place of healing for you all.

Roh Jisun

Thanks to these nine girls, flovers’ last three years were filled with unforgettable memories. More than just our entertainment, fromis_9 became our sanctuary, one where no pilgrimage is needed to reach it, where healing comes knocking on your door. For the past three years, fromis_9 made us smile.

No matter what, we will continue to walk, run and fly high with fromis_9 in the future.

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

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Video Contributor: JJ
Writer: Bruno
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Editors: Adam, Max and Mitch
Proofreader: Brad
Special thanks to Fiq for the translation.
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