fromis_9 Releases Teasers for Unlock My World and the interesting stories in between

fromis_9 Releases Teasers for Unlock My World and the interesting stories in between

fromis_9 is finally coming back! They’re set to release their first album Unlock My World on June 5th, 6 PM KST. 

In the past two weeks, fromis_9 released official photos and mood films for their three album concepts. First on the list was #reality. The members took on distinct individual looks in an attempt to show their “real me.” This received a very hot response from the fans, especially Chaeyoung’s photo which is currently the most liked individual photo in fromis_9 history. The second concept was #imagine where the girls aimed to exhibit their chic and mature sides. Lastly, they displayed their feminine and romantic atmosphere with their #notyet concept. 

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While flovers went through a whirlwind of emotions after every teaser release, a number of interesting and random things happened in between. Here are some of them:

Zara Larsson Tweets Jisun’s #reality Official Photo

We will start off this list with the most random of them all. Zara Larsson, a Swedish pop singer known for global hits like “Symphony” and “Lush Life”, retweeted Jisun’s #reality Official Photo with the caption, “Poster girl what are you doing on the floor”. Was she talking about Jisun? Why did she call her a poster girl? How did Zara end up on fromis_9’s Twitter in the first place?

Shortly after, Zara wrote a follow-up tweet saying, “Imma tune in for this because they got taste” and flovers finally found out why. In Jisun’s photo, a vinyl album rests next to her on the floor and it was Zara Larsson’s Poster Girl vinyl LP. Although Zara’s face was covered in Jisun’s photo, it’s interesting and funny how the artist herself found her album in the photo. 

Gyuri shows support for fromis_9’s comeback on Instagram

When Gyuri departed from the group, she said she would become a flover who supports fromis_9 just like us. She has shown this through her simple likes on the group’s official Instagram account. She also liked and commented on one of Jiheon’s posts, calling her favorite maknae pretty, and leaving flovers emotional with their cute interaction. 

fromis_9’s Weverse Updates Layout, Forgets to Update Hayoung’s Profile Photo

With all the official photos released, fromis_9’s Weverse chose the #imagine photos for its new layout. The page was changed to a striking black and white layout with a new header photo and new profile photos for each member, except for Hayoung’s faux fur hat selfie. It amused flovers so much that this cute and silly fan animation was made. 

Hayoung’s profile photo was eventually changed and became uniform with the other members. On the other hand, Jiheon changed hers with her preferred #imagine photo. 

Hayoung Hides a Spoiler in her Instagram Story, Gets Betrayed by the Translate Feature

In K-pop context, a spoiler is a sneak peek or preview of the upcoming song or album. Some companies can be very strict about idols giving out spoilers. On occasion, fromis_9 has asked permission from their management before sharing spoilers with flovers. 

This case is different. To the naked eye, Hayoung did a really good job hiding her spoiler. It’s barely noticeable and can be easily missed. However, Instagram Story has a “See Translation” feature where it translates the written text in the post. Thanks to this feature, flovers were able to find out about the spoiler (and strained their eyes to look for the dark text on Hayoung’s hair) which said “펼쳐진 세상에 손을 뻗어 (Reach out your hands out into the open world),” possibly lyrics to one of the songs in the album.  

The next morning, Hayoung went on Weverse and expressed how she felt cheated on. It was a spoiler she planned and executed by herself, with no consultations or discussions with the other members or their management. She probably wanted to tell us, “I gave a spoiler, but you didn’t notice!”, but Instagram betrayed her. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if she’s already planning to spoil something else, and surely it won’t be on Instagram anymore. 

We’re a week away from finally experiencing new music and performances from fromis_9! Unlock My World will be released on June 5th, and fromis_9 will be participating at 2023 Weverse Con Festival on June 10th. 

Don’t worry about missing any updates as these will all be covered in our Weekly Recaps!

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