fromis_9 Member Loses Canine in Canine Attack

fromis_9 Member Loses Canine in Canine Attack

DKDK prepared Jisun to deal with a giant cat; not a giant dog. The innocent fromis_9 cook lost a tooth after being mauled by a hound just today.

Roh Jisun, 22, wanted nothing but the best shot to upload to her Instagram when she went to a dog café with two other fromis_9 members in the district of Gangnam, Seoul. As the singer posed for photos, a black Labrador Retriever latched onto her face and removed her left mandibular canine.

Lee Saerom, 24, told us she witnessed the whole incident. “I was pointing my film camera towards Jisun, and as I took the shot, the dog jumped. The image is still ingrained in my head,” said the captain of fromis_9.

Another member of the group, Jang Gyuri, 23, was also present at the café when the attack took place. “I was ordering a drink when I heard barking mixed with some whispers. I think Jisun was trying to calm the dog down? It sounded like that YouTube thing… How do you say it? ASNR (sic)?” said Jang.

Gyuri acted immediately and drove Jisun to the nearest hospital. If it wasn’t for her quick thinking, Jisun’s injury could have been much worse.

Jisun now recovers in fromis_9’s dormitory. The singer posted a picture on social media calming down the worried fans and reassuring them she was doing well. “I still love dogs,” said the artist on Twitter.

Roh Jisun recovers after the dog attack.

Jang Gyuri, however, couldn’t relax until things were settled. Asked why she went back to the café after the attack, she answered: “I needed to talk to him. I told Mr. Woof it was wrong of him to hurt one of our members and he promptly apologized. I admire dogs for their uprightness.”

UPDATE: Lee Saerom provided us with the developed photo taken at the time of the incident. Proceed at your own risk.

TW: Dog attack

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