fromis_9 Image Archive

fromis_9 Image Archive

Ever wondered what date it was when Jiwon wore that black hoodie? Or do you have that one picture of Saerom in those cat ears you really like and want to find more from that day? Tired of going to 12 different websites to find a specific picture you remember seeing 9 months ago?  We’ve found your solution. Did you know there was a fromis_9 Image Archive? Now you do!

When you want to see Nagyung, you want to see Nagyung.  No hunting, no sorting, no advertisements, and most importantly, no hassle.   It may come as a surprise to some, but many of us spend countless hours (per day…) supporting our fromies, watching their videos, making fan content and sharing our stories.  Enter the fromis_9 Image Archive.

A group of flovers from different fan communities have come together to bring you all of the pictures your heart desires, and all in one place.  The fromis_9 Image Archive was created on March 22, 2020, and was launched on July 4, 2020.  Though it is still under construction, it is free and open to all flovers.

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To keep things as simple and easy to use as possible, when you open the archive, you’ll arrive at the “Welcome Page”, where you will be greeted by the 9 lovely members.  On the bottom of that page, you will see 12 tabs that you can use to navigate to each member’s archive, as well as a contact page (to the right of Jiheon’s tab) where you can get in touch with us about the archive.  

Through this archive, you’ll be able to see previews for each event, outing, photoshoot fromis_9 has ever attended. Along with that, you’ll finally know that all-important date, as well as having an album of photos from it. The goals was to have everything in one place, like a gateway or a hub.

Credit is not needed, nor deserved.  This project was created by flover.  fromis_9, flover and the fansites who take all of the beautiful pictures we love are the ones we should thank.  Support goes a long way though.  Support inspires us.  Cheer us on and root for us as we work tirelessly to bring you memories of our favorite 9 ladies from over the past 2 years.  The Archive is still a work in progress, but you are free to use it however you wish.  Go check out the fromis_9 Image Archive.  We guarantee you’ll have countless hours of smiling ahead of you, and it’s all right at your fingertips.

fromis_9 Image Archive and their update account on Twitter.
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