fromis_9 Girlfriend World Cup

fromis_9 Girlfriend World Cup

In a recent Fanvatar episode, we watched fromis_9 choose their best girlfriend-like photo in a “World Cup Game”, in which the player must pick one of the two choices. Unlike the balance game which ends right after picking an option, the player’s choice for a single elimination round proceeds into another round; this continues until it reaches the finals, wherein a champion is crowned.

Thanks to the episode, we discovered the girls’ preferences in certain shots and poses, listened to funny story annotations to pictures, and heard some interesting behind-the-scenes anecdotes. After serious deliberations, the members selected Chaeyoung’s photo that suits the concept the best, while Seoyeon’s was chosen by flovers, based on the same world cup game posted by Fanvatar.

Aside from playing Fanvatar’s world cup game, flovers were also excited to share their own picks on social media. Others even suggested some photos that should have been included, explaining that they were more suitable to the concept. Harboring the same sentiments, we thought that it would be fun to know what flovers’ top pick would be if we included most, if not all, girlfriend-like photos. 

Presenting fromis_9’s Best Girlfriend-like Photo World Cup, a larger and harder(?) world cup game! For this game, you can choose 5 different options that sets the number of photos and randomly selects which photo to include from the total 64 images. We hope that the photos that we chose per member would be representative of what the majority of flovers think should be included. Though the game’s duration is entirely up to flovers since they’re the ones deciding, we approximate it to last for a minimum of half a minute up to a maximum of 6 minutes. 

Play the World Cup Game below to decide which shot suits the girlfriend concept the best!

Play the game here:

Watch the Fanvatar episode here:

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