fromis_9 Dances Their Socks Off

fromis_9 Dances Their Socks Off

If you’ve been following K-pop for more than a few months, it is almost a given that you’ve seen or heard of group choreography videos. While the common practice is for a group to release a choreography video of their title track (and possibly 1 b-side track), fromis_9 takes things to a whole new level…inside of another new level.  

At the time this article is available for reading, fromis is going strong with 26 tracks released across their discography. To date, they currently have 19 choreography videos for 9 of those tracks. On top of that, 8 of those choreography videos are for 1 track alone. Let’s take a stroll back to the beginning.

The date was November 30, 2017. The day a lot of us had been waiting for. The planets aligned and fromis_9 finally assembled for their first music video release with “Glass Shoes”. Just a few days later, on December 4th, fans were given the first of many future choreography videos.

Almost 2 months later, our favorite 9 ladies made their official debut on January 24, 2018 with “To. Heart”. Following their previous pattern of “a few days later”, we were given the “To. Heart” choreography version on January 28th. 

Just after promotions had ended for To. Heart era and things were starting to calm down in the fandom: BOOM! An unexpected surprise ensued on March 22, 2018 with the release of a costumed choreography version of “Pinocchio”, a b-side track from the To. Heart album. These weren’t just any costumes for fromis. They had previously worn these same costumes at the Myeongdong Mesa Hall Fansign, 4 days earlier, on March 18th.

To make matters more exciting, they also released a plain clothes choreography version of “Pinocchio” on March 26th.

Now we reach a slightly sad time for flovers. On June 5, 2018, fromis_9 made a comeback with 8 members, as our Gyuri was in the process of competing on Produce48. On June 12th, fromis released the “DKDK” choreography video.

It was adorable, and cute, and sweet and so much more. But it was missing part of the family. It just wasn’t the same without Gyuri. Jump ahead 4 months to October 5, 2018. Gyuri is back!! And so is the long-awaited FULL GROUP choreography of “DKDK”. During Gyuri’s absence, fromis_9 also promoted “22Century Girl” as 8 members. On this same day, we were given our second dose of all 9 members with an additional full group choreography video for “22Century Girl”.

Now we have arrived at the era of From.9. Most consider this to be a magical era for the group, for many reasons. “Love Bomb” was released on October 10, 2018, and its choreography video arrived on our screens on October 16th. 

One week later, fromis_9 held a special fansign called Halloween Bomb. This fansign was different from normal ones because they performed the entire event while wearing amazing Halloween costumes. As a gift for the fans who could not attend the event, a costumed version of the “Love Bomb” choreography was released on October 31st.

After exploding fans’ hearts with infinite love bombs, fromis_9 turned to a direction we call “FUN!” Released on June 4, 2019, Fun Factory was a joyous change for the group, and the choreography video released on June 7th for the title track is no less “FUN!” than you’d expect it to be.

Another comeback completed, and another second song promotion began.  About a month and a half after promotions started for Fun Factory, we were, again, given an energetic choreography video on July 22nd. This time, the girls threw us back in time with the retro-feel of “Love Rumpumpum”.

Watching all of those videos makes us “Feel Good”. After two and a half years with fromis_9, we had all come to love and look forward to a few choreography videos for each comeback. That all changed with the arrival of My Little Society on September 16, 2020. For starters, the album itself is just incredible. To go along with that, we were given our much expected choreography video. We had waited so long for a comeback, and we finally got it. And we got our choreo video. And another one. And another one.  And 3 more. And 2 more after that. If there is a choreography video heaven, fromis_9 just delivered it. In a playlist below, you will find all 8, yes 8, choreography videos for the MLS title track, “Feel Good (Secret Code)”, and some brief info for each.

  • 200918 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography (minus Seoyeon due to an injury)
  • 200919 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography Fanchant Version
  • 200923 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography Broadcast Version
  • 200929 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography Hanbok Version
  • 201010 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography Moving Version
  • 201015 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography Mission Version
  • 201024 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography Suit & Pajamas Version
  • 201124 – “Feel Good (Secret Code)” Choreography FULL Group Version

It’s very clear at this point that fromis_9 loves flover. 2020 was a very hard year for most people, all around the world. fromis understood that, and decided to make their most recent comeback extra special for us all by giving us so many choreo videos to enjoy. Remember, these are just for their music. They have so many more choreography videos from covering other artists out there. But no one can deny that these 9 ladies are masters of choreography and work as hard as they can to show us how much they care about our support. They love what they do and they love us, and we love them for it. They will always hold a special place in all of our hearts. Let’s do the best we can to support them in the coming weeks for their next comeback, and keep an eye out for those choreography videos!!

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