fromis_9 2022 Gift Ideas

fromis_9 2022 Gift Ideas

Just like 2021, 2022 has been a massive year, filled with a multitude of highs and lows for fromis_9 and flover alike. To recap some of this year’s memorable moments, a gift suggestion for each member has been collected into a fromis_9 themed Christmas List.


Bbusyeo Bbusyeo 6 Flavor Variety Pack

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Faced with an array of snack prizes during ASC’s 1 Second Song Quiz, there was only one snack on Saerom’s mind: Bbusyeo Bbusyeo (뿌셔뿌셔). She mentioned the snack 5 times in a span of 3 minutes, and took a packet from Chaeyoung the first chance she got. However, this only added to her devastation when mere moments after, Chaeng snatched the snack away before the Captain could even say a word.


Speech Classes Voucher

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One of the longest running fromis_9 jokes is that Song Hayoung speaks 0 languages. Hanyang has struggled with these accusations ever since the group was formed, which was over 5 years ago now, back in the ancient times of 2017. Her and pre-written scripts are mortal enemies, so when fromis_9 win awards in the future, flovers know who’s not going to hold the mic for an acceptance speech.


Water Bottles and Food Dye

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The biggest fromis_9 news to come out of 2022 was that Jang Gyuri decided to leave fromis_9 to go all in on pursuing her acting career. While the initial heartache has since subsided, we all feel a little sentimental from time to time. It just can’t be helped that certain things will remind flovers of days gone by. We wish nothing but good fortune for Gyul’s future, the new flover captain.


Nongshim X Crocs Banana Kick Classic Clog

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Another snack to flover’s wish list, it’s the snack that Park Jiwon is absolutely crazy about. It’s no secret that Megan is an incredibly passionate and excitable person, but the look on her face when Jissen gifts her a box of Banana Kick. It’s one of pure happiness rarely seen before. It’s highly likely that Jiwon has a sufficient supply of her favorite snack, so maybe a limited edition pair of Crocs to show her love of the snack is appropriate.


Full Face Go-karting Helmet With Cat Ears

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One of the more iconic fromis_9 moments of the year was Roh Jisun getting behind the wheel for the first time in 1.5 years. Her “driving lesson” started off horribly, and only got worse as time went on. While she did park well, it can’t be ignored that she would have failed multiple times over if it was a driving test. For everyone’s safety, she should start her driving comeback in the confines of a go-karting track.


5-hour Energy Mega Pack

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fromis_9’s puppy does not have the biggest energy tank. Ever since Idol School, she’s carried sleepy images,; been compared to a panda,; and been given awards by fromis for being a ‘sleeping pill.’ Regardless, Syeon somehow won a marathon random play dance during HYBE Game Caterers, and as Chaeyoung put it,: “I’ve never seen Seoyeon standing for that long before.”


Anti-Lost AirPods Straps 3 Pack

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Lee Chaeyoung is S+ tier in losing items. Losing your AirPods 10 times before 2022 is already a crazy stat, but losing a pair a mere 2 days after obtaining them might just beat it. If she’s going to end up using old wired earbuds anyway, she might as well attach strings to the more expensive pair. flovers have got to keep buying albums and streaming their songs, because how else will Chaeyoung fund the endless supply she requires.


League of Legends Riot Points Gift Card

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Nagyung is fromis_9’s resident gamer. After her Overwatch phase in fromis_9’s early days, her game of choice these days appears to be League of Legends. The highest rank she’s achieved is gold, a decent achievement especially considering the high level of the Korean region. While she is prone to getting tilted, with the purchase of a skin, she can now rage in style.


Our Beloved Summer Full Series DVD

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Watching dramas is one of the Maknae’s hobbies, one of which being “Our Beloved Summer.” She’s been seen; asking to not be spoiled after an episode had been aired,; reminiscing on the sad scenes,; and to Chaeyoung’s embarrassment, praising the kiss scenes in the show. All of this resulted in a collaboration with one of the leads of the drama, Roh Jeongeui. Truly a successful fangirl.


Glass Display Trophy Cabinet

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Coming off their very first music show win in 2021, fromis_9 added 7 more wins this year, 2 for ‘DM’, and an insane 5 music show wins for ‘Stay This Way.’ Included in those was a win on Mnet’s Mcountdown, an especially special win since Idol School’s first episode just so happened to include a special stage, aired on a 2017 episode of Mcountdown. 6 days off 5 years later, fromis_9 won on the very show that held their first stage.

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