fromis_9 2021 Gift Ideas

fromis_9 2021 Gift Ideas

This year has been a monumental year for fromis_9. From a label change to their very first win, this year provided some unforgettable moments for flovers. So let’s go over the year gone past, through a fromis-themed Christmas gift list!


Power Chisel with 7 Chisel Set

Saerom’s Palette took A LOT of work to make. Exponentially more than Jiwon’s spoons and Jisun’s board. So if she ever wants to make another but doesn’t want to go through all that turmoil, she can use this power tool instead.

Squid Game Oh Il-nam Figure

Lee Saerom’s performance as Oh Ilnam (the old man from Squid Game) was one of the greatest impersonations ever done by fromis_9, which already is a group with many impersonation masters.


Lie Detector

Tying into her catchphrase of “Is it real or is it fake?!”, Hayoung’s unforgettable ‘performance’ on MAFIA DANCE paints her as someone one who desperately wants the truth, and will keep yelling louder and louder until she gets it.

Black Crow Plushie

Song Hayoung, the master of quite a few personal talents already, found another one this year. She found that she can also mimic a crow with frightening accuracy, so if you hear a crow around fromis_9, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably Hanyang.


No Jisun No Mercy Mug

Even though Gyuri didn’t know what Jisun initially said, Gyuri has become infatuated with the “No Jisun No Mercy” meme. She loves it so much that Jisun banned it, and now Gyuri must use maximum sneakiness if she wants to reference it.

L.A Noire

Gyul’s ‘performance’ on MAFIA DANCE was, to be frank, one of the worst attempts at deduction flovers have ever seen. She really needs to play some L.A. Noire, where she can train her skills in seeing through lies, something she is currently unable to do.


Tottenham Hotspur Son Heungmin Shirt

Even though she says she’s on the Korean National Team, Park Jiwon failed to name the most famous current Korean athlete, Son Heungmin. The only logical conclusion must be that the English-named Park Megan took over and messed up instead.

Oreo Tin

Jiwon did not do amazingly at Bibimbap Monopoly. She somehow managed to roll the single worst ingredient on the entire board with her second roll. At least she managed to remove them by hanging upside down in a desperate attempt to make the staff laugh.


Walking Stick Set

This year has seen a sharp increase in Jisun acting like an old person. Why? Will she keep doing this? Is her true personality that she’s been hiding this entire time? Only time will tell us the answers.

Ediya Coffee Voucher + Galaxyccino

When presented with a new promotion from a big brand, one thing you probably should do is not answer when they ask what you think about the new product. Jisun on the other hand does this immediately, and we never hear her actual thoughts on the drink.


Iron Man Hands

“WE GO” was fromis_9 first title track of 2021, becoming a popular hit known by many across Korea, and all over the world. One of Seoyeon’s parts sees her put her hand out like she’s blasting energy from her palm, destroying the camera if the blast was real. 

White Cat Plushie

Seoyeon wore a skirt with a white kitty on it for a couple of “Talk & Talk” performances, including their Studio Choom video. Nagyung named the cute cat Samantha, and now this adorable kitty is the tenth member of fromis_9.


Kids Toy Phone

In early 2021, Chaeyoung’s sister had a baby girl, officially making Lee Chaeyoung an auntie, a first in fromis_9. Surely Chaeng will end up teaching her niece all the fromis_9 dances, all while being the cool auntie of the family.

Dragon Fruit

One of the funniest moments of the year was when Chaeyoung had to figure out what was in her box while only being able to touch the item inside. Who knew a single dragon fruit could cause so many incredibly loud screams?


Pet Shop Gift Card

Nakko bought a fish tank this year. Taking care of it and its inhabitants has become her favorite hobby. Through her passion when asked about them, and the stories from the other members, her love for her fish tank is extremely clear. 

Kids Golf Set

Nagyung putting a roll of toilet paper into a basket while using a kids golf set was one of the greatest struggles of the year. It took her 29 tries in over 6 minutes, but in the end she finally got it. Maybe with practice she could turn it into a personal talent.


Seoul Travel Guide

Even though she’s lived in Seoul for quite some time, Jiheon admits she’s never really explored the city, living up to her homebody reputation. With the help of some flovers however, she’s finally been to a few places and shown her parents around.

Corleone Mafia Fedora Hat

Jiheon’s ‘performance’ on MAFIA DANCE was the complete opposite of Gyuri’s. It was a masterful orchestration where she won as the Mafia without ever being close to getting found out. Though as a result no member will ever trust her again in future Mafia games.


Recordable Alarm Clocks

Each member’s alarm clock sound on HANBAM was unforgettable. From Chaeyoung’s “flover ya~” to Nagyung’s scream into the void, this will go down in history as one of the funniest fromis_9 segments of all time.

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