flovers Celebrate fromis_9’s 2nd Anniversary

flovers Celebrate fromis_9’s 2nd Anniversary

If you’ve been a K-pop fan for quite some time, you must have attended – or at least heard of – fan-organized gatherings to celebrate a birthday or anniversary of your favorite idol group. In recent years, cup sleeve events have been the most common type of celebration held by fans. These are events where fans gather in a café and receive free cup sleeves with a picture of their favorite idols on it. It can range from a simple socializing event or one filled with games and freebies.

On fromis_9’s 2nd anniversary, flovers from different parts of South East Asia organized cup sleeve events to celebrate the most important and cherished date of fromis_9 and flovers. We interviewed 5 event organizers from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to put their cup sleeve events in the spotlight.

Interviewer: Mitch
Editors: Adam and Bruno
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