flover Apartments Residents

flover Apartments Residents

flover Apartments: where the members of fromis_9 reside during the “Talk & Talk” music video, a continuation of their previous music video, “WE GO.” This time, instead of editing themselves onto magazine covers, they talk to each other on the phone while strolling around their apartments. But what kind of people are the tenants at flover Apartments?


The master editor in “WE GO,” who was so busy they declined flover’s call, is revealed to be a silver-haired Jang Gyuri, who calls flover back after she finished her video editing at exactly 9 PM. Later on, she’s seen being extremely in love with whomever she’s talking to on the phone. Is it still flover? Guess we’ll never find out.


Kkwaeng is the fitness mania of the building. Her life revolves around working out, evident by the dumbbells and exercise balls all over her apartment. The truth is, she’d be quite an annoying neighbour to have. Not only does she try and get everyone to work out with her, but she jumps around her room so much that she breaks through, into the floor below! I hope the “Talk & Talk” promotions made enough money to pay for that!


Jisun is the unbothered old person of flover Apartments. She enjoys the simple pleasures in life, such as talking on the phone, drying her laundry, and walking around the neighbourhood. She’s lived in the building so long that nothing fazes her anymore. Even when the sprinklers go off, or if there’s a blackout, or someone breaks through the roof of her apartment, it’s no reason to hang up the phone; the problems will sort themselves out.


The pro photoshopper from the “WE GO” music video is revealed to be very elegant, and most likely, from the looks of her apartment, very rich. Having her as a neighbour seems to be extremely pleasant, however, as she’s seen inviting people over to have lovely chats while serving them tea and snacks. Just don’t break any of her expensive tea cups and plates!


Megan is the type of person who is always in the bath. Around 50% of her free time is spent in the tub, and the rest of the time she’s wearing a bathrobe because she’s just taken a bath. She’s spent so much time bathing that she can blow bubbles in the shape of numbers using just her soap. 0124 for fromis_9’s debut date, and 973 for 9 days, 7 months and 3 years since their debut.


With the setup of her apartment, which includes a hooded hair dryer, Hayoung seems to be the type to spend more time getting ready to go out than actually going out. She also has a dog named Ppusyong, whose fluffiness is completely maxed out. Hanyang cares more about the safety of Ppusyong than her own, as seen during a blackout in which she spends all her time protecting the dog instead of looking for help.


Romsae is 100% the reliable mother of flover Apartments. When the entire building is plunged into a blackout, the members all gather at her place to take refuge, presumably because she’d be able to take care of everyone like the true leader she is. She probably has enough food to last them all weeks and weeks.


The youngest tenant is still in her final year of high school and studying for her final exams. Her study materials are piled up on either side of her desk, while she sits behind her laptop watching lectures for each of her subjects. In addition to being a studying genius, the Maknae is also a ping pong prodigy. She hits the ball so hard it bounces from wall to wall and even into neighbouring apartments. If studying doesn’t work out, she could be an Olympic gold medalist!


Finally, we have the cooking extraordinaire. A cook so amazing that Chaeyoung was left speechless after taking a look at her work. A cook so professional that her house filled with smoke while she talked on the phone. A cook so incredible she caused the sprinklers to go off, and the blackout of the entire apartment building. Please never let her near a kitchen ever again.

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Designers: Adam and Mitch
Editors: Bruno and Mitch
Proofreader: Brad
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