Behind the fromeme

Behind the fromeme

Ever seen a fromis_9 meme and wondered “Where did that come from?” Well, we’ve done the work for you! After choosing some of the most popular ones, we found the origins of the following fromis_9 memes:

Jiwon’s Girlfriend Concept

Source: 200410 V LIVE

While doing a V LIVE, Jiwon read a comment that asked her to speak informally to flovers. After a couple of attempts, she realised she kinda sounded like a girlfriend. An aegyo-filled voice and a couple of nose scrunchies later, the now infamous ‘girlfriend concept’ was born, perfect for the eccentric Megan and destined to be repeated countless times.

Jisun’s “Because of You” Rap

Source: 190212 V LIVE

Jiwon remembered one time when Jisun imitated someone from a ‘tap tap tap game’ she was playing and it was hilarious. After a bit of thought, the imitation was revealed to be After School Kahi’s rap in the song “Because of You.” Surprisingly, Jisun decided to confidently rap live, resulting in Jiwon and flovers everywhere dying of laughter.

Hayoung’s “Is it REAL?”

Source: 200331 V LIVE

In early 2020, Hayoung revealed a catchphrase she’d been saying recently, and thus, the very first “Is it real or is it fake?!” was introduced to the world. How did she come up with it? While talking with her friends, the phrase came up in a conversation and Hayoung just repeated them with that strong but adorable voice. That’s it. Nothing more. The genius of Hayoung conjured it from nothing and now it’s a quintessential part of fromis_9.

Seoyeon almost setting fire to the dorm

Source: fromis’ room Ep. 1 @ 41:38

In fromis’ room, fromis_9’s first show as a finalised group, the members were tasked to do a live stream at the dorm in groups of three. Jiwon, Seoyeon and Jiheon decided to do a ‘snack live’ with their recommended food items purchased from a supermarket. One item was in a foil packet, and Seoyeon wanted it heated. So she decided to create plasma by throwing the foil packet into the microwave. Panic ensued. Thankfully Seoyeon was quick enough to stop the microwave before it set the dorm on fire, and all was forgiven with a cheeky and apologetic laugh.

Jiheon’s Angry Pose

Source: 200313 FM_1.24 Special

During an FM_1.24 Special episode, fromis were playing a game where one team is given a word and each team member makes a pose associated with that word. If all team members make the same pose, they get a point. Saerom, Jiwon, Seoyeon and Jiheon were given the word ‘angry’ and proceeded to all make a pose where they looked angry. Well, everyone except Jiheon, who put her two index fingers to her head like an adorable devil, resulting in a rant from her team member Jiwon, and endless future teasing from her unnies.

Gyuri’s R&B intro

Source: 181026 fromis_9 Idol League Part 1

During a 2018 fromis_9 Idol League episode, each of the members had to introduce themselves while showing off their talents. Gyuri started her introduction by saying she’s in charge of ‘Mellow Voice’ while Saerom added that she could sing her introduction. Mellow Voice + Singing = Hilarious R&B intro that Gyuri got teased for and still does even to this day.

“Stop Talking Now”

Source: 190928 V LIVE

On Hayoung’s birthday in 2019, the other members decided to pull a prank on her. They pretended to ignore her birthday and then surprise her during her birthday V LIVE, which turned out to be a resounding success. One of the steps in the plan involved the members fighting over what food to eat in a group chat to make Hayoung mad. After talking about the argument and how much food they were gonna order for around five minutes Hayoung yelled “Stop Talking Now!” At this moment, Park Megan had a stroke of genius: imitate Hayoung and dial the hilarity up to eleven. An apology swiftly followed.

Seoyeon’s Bad Hands

Sources: 181003 FM_1.24 | 210215 V LIVE (Bonus: Seoyeon defending herself)

Ever since debut, Seoyeon has loved to touch the other members a lot. Like a lot a lot. There are countless moments where she can be seen grabbing onto the other members and many clips of the members mentioning her wandering hands. Even now, she still doesn’t try to hide it. Like when she said she would take 5 Saeroms over a 5-year-old Saerom because there would be 5 butts to touch. Never change, Seoyeon!

Jisun’s scream (Yaaa)

Source: 190713 V LIVE

After a Music Core “Love Rumpumpum” stage, the members started a V LIVE in which they would all say a message to flovers. After a 9 person game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Jisun was the victor and was to go first. As soon as she was handed the camera, complaints such as “I feel like she’ll talk for 30 minutes” and “Letting Jisun do this first is a bad idea” could be heard off-screen. Even after a stare-down from the judging queen, the members still decided to talk during her attempted message. Cue the now famous “YAAA!”

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