9 Things You May Have Missed in fromis_9’s ‘WE GO’ MV

9 Things You May Have Missed in fromis_9’s ‘WE GO’ MV

On May 17th, at 6 PM KST, fromis_9 dropped their new single “WE GO” accompanied by a visually pleasing and fun music video. Given the pandemic the world is experiencing right now, the music video expressed the desire to travel while staying at home. fromis_9 was able to capture this sentiment by going on a virtual trip by editing themselves in their dream vacation spots. They also held a group video call with the members, showing that they still enjoy each other’s presence no matter where they are.

Viewers can find the music video relatable because they experienced similar set-ups in their everyday life during the past year. fromis_9 was able to recreate the familiar environment with their bright and refreshing energy, allowing the audience to experience their virtual travel. Watching fromis_9 enjoy their time together can lift up anyone’s spirit and definitely leave a smile on everyone’s faces. 

The music video was heavy on the editing as it displayed the girls using a photo editing program and a conference call app throughout the video. With so much work put into a 3-minute and 21-second video, one can easily miss out on some details while watching it! 

After watching it several times, we found 9 things you may have missed while watching fromis_9’s ‘WE GO’ MV:

1. Monday 9:00 AM and 21:00

WE GO monday 9am
WE GO 2100
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As soon as the music video starts, we can see at the top right corner of Nagyung’s computer screen that it is 9:00 AM on a Monday. Not only was the music video released on a Monday, but based on the bright sunlight and Nagyung’s comfy slippers during this first scene, we can say that each part of the video is set up to reflect the time that appears on the screen. As the music video progresses, the day slowly passes, and by the end of it, the dark sky is matched with a phone displaying 21:00 (9:00 PM).

2. The animated icons in the conference call app

Conference call apps can be viewed as something serious because of its purpose and the service it provides, but the animated icons gave it a fun feel which fits the music video. 

3. “0517_SUNSET.MOV” and “0517_AIRPLANE.MOV”

WE GO 0517_airplane
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The filenames of the additional background effects for the second and final choruses have 0517, meaning May 17th, the date of the music video release. 

4. Things get added or removed on the screen as they click the eye icon

If you’re familiar with photo editing or designing, clicking the eye icon will either hide or unhide the layer in the canvas. They could have easily skipped adding this detail, but even a cursor appears clicking on it! 

5. Video zooms in when Seoyeon says “zoom in more”

During Seoyeon’s rap, the scene starts with a full view of her magazine cover with Chaeyoung. As soon as the line “zoom in more” comes in, the video zooms closer to her face and it further does when she says “right here”. 

6. The phone rings after Seoyeon sings “No we can’t stop”

Following the previous item, they matched the music video editing with the lyrics. The phone ring signifies a distraction and they proved that they can’t be stopped by rejecting the sudden call. Knowing that they rejected flovers’ call, though… it’s sad but funny. It displays this chaotic yet charming fromis_9 energy that flovers have come to love. 

7. All the magazine cover files on the desktop

Throughout the video, we see the girls create their own magazine covers of their dream vacation. Right before the final chorus, we can see all the final files on the desktop. This can signify that they were all successful in their virtual travel. 

8. The progress bars in the music video moves as the actual music video progresses

WE GO timebar1_boxed
WE GO timebar2_boxed
WE GO timebar3_boxed
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This detail can be easily missed! Whenever a video player is shown in the music video, the progress bar is exactly at the same position as the actual music video.

9. Different background lightings during their conference call

Although this is something that was probably set up in the actual set rather than in the video editing process, it’s still worth sharing in this list! The three choruses of the song were set in three different times, during broad daylight, sunset and night time. A similar set up can be seen in their conference call. Hayoung, Nagyung and Jiheon with the daylight illuminating the room through the window; Saerom, Jisun and Seoyeon with a golden hour background; and Gyuri, Jiwon and Chaeyoung with their dimmed rooms. This shows that they are willing to spend time together despite the time zone difference. 

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