5 Reasons Why Yeoreumi is the Luckiest Dog in the World

They say dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, protective and loving. They would do anything to make their human feel happy and loved.

In the most recent upload of “Yeoreuma, Take Care of Saerom,” our Captain expressed how jealous she was of Yeoreumi to have an owner like her. It left me wondering, what made her say this? We all know that she loves her four-year-old Maltese very much, but her words seemed to carry a deeper meaning. After giving it some thought, I have listed down 5 reasons why Yeoreumi is the luckiest dog in the world.

1. Saerom is her family

Source: Idol School Ep. 10

When Saerom’s family discussed the name of their newest canine family member, her dad wanted to use a name similar to “Saeromi”, the dog’s new-found big sister. Since Yeoreumi was born in the summer, he suggested calling her “Yeoreum (여름)” (Korean for Summer) but Saerom thought it would be better to call her Yeoreumi (여르미) as it looked much cuter when written down. Since then, the two of them have been inseparable. Whenever Yeoreumi is reunited with her big sister, she automatically climbs on her, showering her with affectionate licks and sticking to her like gum.

2. Yeoreumi is the unofficial mascot of fromis_9

From.9 Album Cover

When fromis_9 released their Special Single album “From.9”, Yeoreumi made special appearances in their promotional material. On the album cover, we can see Saerom and Yeoreumi dancing excitedly beside each other, even striking the same pose! The duo also released a special music video reaction to “Love Bomb,” where Yeoreumi pressed the play button and intently watched the music video. This marked the beginning of her unofficial mascot title. Yeoreumi gained eight older sisters when Saerom debuted, and the love of thousands of people from around the world.

3. Yeoreumi has her own YouTube series

Whenever Saerom and Yeoreumi are together, we get to see wholesome and happy interactions that never fail to warm our hearts. Knowing this, Saerom decided to share more of her daily life with Yeoreumi through their YouTube series.

If you share happy things, you will feel twice as happy. You know what I mean right?

Lee Saerom

Come to think of it, she’s hitting two birds with one stone. Ever since she debuted, she has been seeing Yeoreumi less than she used to. Through this YouTube series, Saerom can record and cherish the moments she spends with her baby, while also sharing them with flovers.

4. Saerom is willing to give up everything in her life except Yeoreumi

Source: BizEnter Interview

In an interview, Saerom was asked if there is anything essential she needed in life. She answered that she cannot give up her puppy. Even though Saerom hasn’t seen Yeoreumi much since she debuted, our Captain would always spend her breaks at home with her family. We can see how grateful she is to have Yeoreumi by the number of photos she shares with us. Thanks to Yeoreumi in her arms, Saerom glows brighter and radiates a warmth that can be felt miles away.

5. Yeoreumi makes Saerom the happiest she can be

Source: Yeoreuma, Take Care of Saerom Ep. 1

Yeoreumi has been with Saerom since 2015, being there for her during good times and bad. In the little moments Saerom shares with us, we can see how much she enjoys Yeoreumi’s company. Our little Maltese friend can just sit at one side, and Saerom would coo over how cute her baby looks. The smile that paints over her face as she lovingly looks at her doggo is a testament of how happy she is to have her.

Every dog wants to please their human and make them feel loved. Yeoreumi has a big responsibility, but she gets the biggest reward too. She can make Saerom happy by simply staying by her side, and she has allowed Saerom to experience and give the best kind of love there is – love that does not ask for anything in return.

Source: Saerom and Yeoreumi V LIVE

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