5 Reasons Why We Love Baek Jiheon

April comes from the Latin word aperit, which means “to open”, a growing season where flowers bloom. Nothing more fitting to describe the flourishing of fromis_9’s youngest bud, our maknae Jiheon. As the clock turned midnight in Korea, the new 17th of April completed 17 years of cuteness, savageness, and a smile capable of lighting up the world.

We decided to commemorate Jiheon’s birthday by picking 5 reasons why our Maknae is so loved, reminding flovers once again of what makes her blossom in our eyes.

1. Jiheon is a baby.

As is expected from any maknae (the youngest in the group), Jiheon can act like a baby. These are moments when you can’t help but coo at her candid character!

Like when she was scared of riding a horse and started crying after finally gathering the courage to do so.

Or how she loves riding roller coasters but cries as the cart goes up. So precious!

And everything about her going to the movies alone. We’re proud of you, Jiheon-ah!

Horror movies, however, are monsters she wasn’t able to defeat just yet.

Source: V LIVE

Look how happy she was just by playing in the water!

Her smile alone could make your heart melt. We’re that under the maknae’s spell.

2. Jiheon is a Maknae On Top.

Being the youngest, you’d expect Jiheon to always act cute around her older members, but that’s definitely not the case. Jiheon is very straightforward and honest with her opinions, which often results in her savage remarks.

Like when she questioned Gyuri for uploading a selca which was taken at a weird angle.

Source: V LIVE

That’s why Jiheon is the member in charge of fact checks.

Source: V LIVE

Even Mera Unnie listens to the request of our Maknae.

Her unnies even say she’s good at dissing while she smiles.

She’s literally a Maknae On Top.

Source: V LIVE

Want more Maknae On Top moments? You can watch them in this compilation by flover_9.

3. Jiheon is a professional.

Besides her adorableness and savagery, our maknae also takes her career very seriously and will often display her professionalism. Jiheon switches to PRO mode whenever they are on stage. The older members always share how she prepares and practices various facial expressions for their performances.

A proof of that was the sudden change of character when baby Jiheon was prompted to dance Sunmi’s Gashina.

Or when she took home the “Cover Dance Award” when they visited Idol Room.

Even Honey Maknae herself recognizes when she’s being a PRO.

Besides, a professional wouldn’t save her coworker’s contacts on her phone as nicknames. It’s business.

Source: Video Edit | V LIVE

4. Jiheon states facts.

Jiheon has firm opinions on many specific things. These subjects may be trivial to others but not to Jiheon, who knows the right answer for things only she takes the time to think about. Her endearing earnestness will have you convinced in no time.

Jiheon could convince you there’s nothing healthier than pizza.

Source: V LIVE

Or that milk consumption should be the biggest of your worries.

She’ll even teach you how to grow taller! Jiheon is essentially a nutritionist at this point.

fromis_9’s maknae is so convincing that her favorite English word should be yours too.

Source: V LIVE

We have got to agree.

5. We love seeing the unnies adoring our maknae.

Those are some of the reasons why we love our maknae so much. But who could possibly love Jiheon more than flovers do? fromis_9 themselves, of course! The members always carry a loving smile while watching or talking about their baby.

Just look at her unnies’ expressions when watching a video of Honey.

Source: V LIVE

Even Mera Unnie can’t help but adore Jiheon in her video editing.

When she tries her hardest to sound grown-up, all her members can see is their cute maknae.

They even threw her a special party last year!

One thing is for sure: Love won’t be in shortage during Jiheon’s birthday.

Source: V LIVE

Looking back at Jiheon’s gift for us last year

Before her birthday ended last year, Jiheon gifted us a video she prepared herself. It included pictures and a clip of her baby self, which solidified her status as fromis_9’s baby. The short treat to flovers proved how charming our maknae was even from a very young age! Undoubtedly, Jiheon has been making people smile for the past 17 years and will hopefully continue to do so for a long time!

Subbed version:

To the wonderful honey maknae Baek Jiheon,

We think you are amazing, whether it be your vocals, dancing, sense of humor or anything else, we all think you’re doing a wonderful job, especially your visuals, you always look amazing no matter the time or date. You may always be seen as a baby, but no one can deny that you have grown so much in such a short time, especially your skills and height. You are an integral part of fromis_9 and we will always support you in whatever you do because we love you so much! Happy birthday!

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