4 Reasons To Watch Saerom’s Rommantic Day

4 Reasons To Watch Saerom’s Rommantic Day

Stages, variety shows, interviews… We, flovers, are used to seeing the glamor. We also know, of course, of our girls’ hours of toil, but among the endless stream of content fromis_9 provides us, few are the videos that truly show life through their eyes. Saerom’s Rommantic Day fills that space. From a casual meal to the daily search for small happiness, our Captain gifts us a healing experience, adding intimacy to characters often left so professional.

As of writing, the vlog series is composed of four episodes (one of which came with an extended cut) and it shows us the world from Saerom’s perspective in different spheres of life. Edited by Saerom herself, immersion is one of its key aspects: the scenes are carefully chosen, the soundtracks are handpicked, and the captions are a door to her thoughts. In this write-up, I’ll share the four aspects that make Rommantic Day so special.

The Visuals

If Saerom is involved, you know there will be no shortage of beauty. Not only her own, but the beauty of the world around her as well. If “Rommantic” wasn’t big enough of a hint, our Captain’s picturesque view of reality is translated to the screen through shots of nature, food, and the smiles of loved ones.

The ocean, the sky, the moon, and the first snow; the shops, the streets, the people, and the night market; cats, butterflies, ducks, and cows. The atmosphere of whichever place Saerom visits is conveyed through her (and Mera unnie’s) lenses with simplicity; moments of small happiness she chose to share with us.

Saerom’s good looks grant compliments from the people she crosses. As the wind blows her hair and the sunlight hits her face in the first episode, it’s impossible not to be struck by her beauty. The simple yet classy dresses, the feet on the sand, and Saerom’s characteristic excitement while having food just add to the experience. Before you know it, you feel as if you just spent a day by her side.

The Sounds

Rommantic Day is not only a feast for the eyes. From the very first minute, the soundtrack sets the mood. Representing Saerom’s style, a mix of R&B, indie pop, and lo-fi beats make up for most of the tracks that soothe the audience throughout the series. Via the captions, she also lets us know that the lyrics can be just as meaningful as the melodies.

Chosen by fromis_9’s Captain to set the fourth episode’s tempo was Tai Verdes’ “A-O-K”. The song sends a message of keeping a positive mindset regardless of what the world throws at you, knowing that everything will be okay in the end. Judging by other song choices, such as Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s to Never Growing Up”, the carefree attitude is something Saerom aims to live by, or at least finds comfort in.

To complete Rommantic Day’s harmony, the sounds of nature. Walking in the park during a breezy day and listening to the rustling leaves, or sitting at the beach hearing the waves, Saerom knows exactly how to communicate her feelings to the viewer. She wants us to experience together the peace nature brings.

The Warmth

Rommantic Day only amplifies a notion every flover has: fromis_9 feels like a big family. Unreleased footage of birthday celebrations, taking members out on dates, sharing food happily at their dorm… the love is palpable. It feels as if we’re watching a recollection of Saerom’s purest and happiest memories; the story of a life well lived.

Even when alone, the Captain never forgets her crew. As Saerom strolls around the streets of Busan, many are the moments she thinks of her members and how much they’d enjoy being there. Be it through the sweetness of her voice as she calls them or the compliments given as they pose to the camera, the affection Saerom shows for the other girls all along the series is contagious.

Those who work behind the scenes are just as significant, made evident by the care put by our nine girls into preparing a surprise for their manager’s birthday. Likewise, the gifts they received from their staff for finishing promotions show the love is mutual. In this wholesome environment, flovers, who gave fromis_9 a warm greeting in LA, and Yeoreumi, Saerom’s loyal canine friend, just couldn’t be left out.

The Honesty

In ways more than one, Rommantic Day has a down-to-earth quality to it. The openness Saerom has to share her feelings, as well as details about her life, show, and at the very least, how much she trusts her audience. More than riding the subway, she wants us to know of the excitement she used to feel when riding it back when she was in school. More than performing on stage, she wants us to know she doesn’t take that position for granted.

The messiness in fromis_9’s car, the decoration on their old dorm entrance, the sweet potatoes she ate during Japanese class… Every little detail adds something to the experience and helps tell a story. She even lets us into her grandparents’ home in the countryside, where a fromis_9 poster is proudly hung up where the residents can see it best.

As the year turned from 2019 to 2020, Saerom allowed herself a short break to go outside and shout “Happy New Year,” before heading back inside to finish editing her valuable project, Rommantic Day’s first episode. The message added at the end is clear, “I want you to watch this whenever your body or mind is cold.” That’s the sort of honest series it is, one crafted with the purpose to warm our hearts.

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