2022 flover Survey Results


4.1 Management

Out of our 886 respondents, 51.6% are satisfied with fromis_9’s current management under Pledis Entertainment. The second largest group of flovers, 32.6%, are very satisfied, leaving only 12.2% of people who are neutral and a negligible 0.5% who are (very) unsatisfied. Good job, Pledis!

OTR, on the other hand, has not received such a positive response. Out of the 729 respondents who lived through the OTR era, 29.5% were unsatisfied and 18.4% were very unsatisfied, meaning almost half of all fans were unhappy with the agency. Another 30% were neutral. This leaves only 13% of fans satisfied and 3% very satisfied. These results are probably due to the long hiatuses fromis_9 and flovers had to endure under OTR Entertainment.

Finally, there were 181 (boomer) flovers who experienced fromis_9’s management under Stone Music. These results are fairly neutral, but slightly favorable for Stone. 40.3% of people felt neutral, 26.5% were satisfied and 16.0% were unsatisfied.

4.2 Music Style

With fromis_9’s agency change, there was also a change in music style. Tracks like “Glass Shoes,” “To Heart” and “DKDK” gave way to quirky and energetic sounds with tracks like “Love Bomb” and “FUN!.” Most fans, 70.2%, love both styles equally, and 14.4% prefer OTR’s music. However, 9.4% of flovers were bigger fans of the old fromis_9.

We saw another change in music style with the release of “Feel Good,” this time favoring retro-inspired sounds. The following releases, “WE GO,” “Talk & Talk,” “DM” and “Stay This Way”, also carry this sound. The results here are equal to the last graph, though with a slightly stronger affection towards the old sounds.

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  1. Flo

    Really interesting data (。♡‿♡。), thank you guys for your efforts.👍

  2. wtm

    Very interesting insight and well presented. Thank you for the hard work collecting, analysing and writing this. I didn’t participate in the survey, but I can approve that Jiwon’s girlfriend concept works for me 😉
    Looking forward to next year’s survey

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