2022 flover Survey Results


2.1 Bias

It’s a common discussion among flovers that it’s difficult to have just one favorite member once they’re fully into fromis_9, so this year, we decided to give our respondents an option to choose more than one favorite member! 

There were three ways for flovers to choose their favorite member. The majority chose more than one member as their favorite, with 36.7% choosing all 9 members and 41.3% choosing between 2 to 8 members. The remaining 22.0% of flovers are very committed to their one favorite member!

Since more than one member could be chosen, we weighted each member count by dividing the number of members chosen by the respondent to get the overall favorite member result. For example, if a respondent chose 4 members as their favorite, each chosen member would count as 0.25 in the overall favorite member count. If they chose 3 members, it would count as 0.33, and so on… This was done to maintain a proper representation of how our respondents chose their favorites while keeping the 886 respondents total count.

Overall, Jiwon is the favorite member among our respondents! Hayoung is closely behind her with a 0.1% difference. This duo is definitely a favorite among flovers for the fun energy they bring and how their talents bind the group together.

The top 3 for each category (excluding all 9 members) are as follows:

  • 1 Favorite Member: Jiwon (3.3%), Hayoung and Gyuri (tied at 3.0%), and Seoyeon (2.7%)
  • 2 to 8 Favorite Members: Saerom and Hayoung (tied at 5.3%), Jiwon (5.1%) and Gyuri (5.0%)

The majority of our respondents answered that fromis_9 is their favorite K-pop group and 34.5% of them solely follow fromis_9. More than half of our respondents closely follow other K-pop groups as well.

2.2 Music

For this year’s survey, we asked our respondents to choose only one fromis_9 song as their favorite.

The top 5 songs consisted of title tracks, and “DM” took the top spot as the favorite fromis_9 album track. The song is vocally driven, showcasing the members’ different vocal tones and Hayoung’s iconic whistle note. “DM” becoming the favorite fromis_9 track can also be due to recency bias, since it was the most recent release when our survey was conducted. “WE GO” came in second, a song known for its fresh sound and addictive hook, making it an instant summer song favorite. This was followed by “Love Bomb,” which is considered as a fromis_9 classic for its fun and quirky sound.

The next 5 songs consisted of b-sides, and “Starry Night” was the most chosen b-side track. This comforting and sentimental song was written and composed by Lee Seoyeon, and it’s very cherished by flovers and fromis_9. This is followed by “Airplane Mode” and “Escape Room,” notably two songs that show fromis_9 can pull off sounds with a completely different vibe from their usual style.

In terms of albums, Midnight Guest was the chosen favorite fromis_9 album by our respondents. Two possibilities on why this was voted the most are due to recency bias and it being the first mini album since My Little Society; having more songs may lead people to favor it more.

To further inspect our respondents’ album preferences, we separated them into three groups according to which company fromis_9 was in during the era they became a fan (Stone Music, OTR or Pledis). Newer flovers showed higher preference for Midnight Guest, while older fans preferred My Little Society a bit more.

Not far from first place was My Little Society. Out of the 5 songs in this mini album, 4 are in the top 10 of the favorite fromis_9 album track chart, being “Feel Good,” “Starry Night,” “Mulgogi” and “Weather.”

“DM” era was voted as the favorite fromis_9 era by our respondents! This era marked fromis_9’s first mini album release under Pledis Entertainment, and also the first comeback to have full promotions under the new company. They held a comeback showcase (the last one was held in 2018 for To. Day), more album versions were available and fromis_9 also performed “Escape Room” in music shows. “WE GO” was the second favorite era, as it brought fun and bright performances that always lifted flovers’ moods. “Feel Good” era was voted as the third favorite era. This was a highly anticipated comeback, since it was released after a long hiatus, and it also marked the beginning for their retro-inspired sound, which continued in their succeeding title tracks.

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  1. Flo

    Really interesting data (。♡‿♡。), thank you guys for your efforts.👍

  2. wtm

    Very interesting insight and well presented. Thank you for the hard work collecting, analysing and writing this. I didn’t participate in the survey, but I can approve that Jiwon’s girlfriend concept works for me 😉
    Looking forward to next year’s survey

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