2022 flover Survey Results

The 2022 flover Survey was held from March 15 to 29, 2022 and was shared on Promise Publications’ Twitter account and r/fromis, a page dedicated to fromis_9 on Reddit. From there on, it was organically spread by flovers. We received a total of 896 responses, and after removing duplicates and invalid answers, we acquired 886 unique responses. Please note that these responses mainly represent the English-speaking international flover fanbase, as the survey was shared on social media exclusively in English.

This post is divided into four sections:


1.1 The Average flover

The average flover is an 18-21 year old (30.0%) male (51.6%), who is South-East Asian (58.5%) and has an INFP (18.3%) personality type.

Among the 750 (84.7%) flovers who knew their MBTI, the majority of our respondents were introverts! The most introverted respondents are INFP, sharing the same MBTI as our passionate and sentimental Song Hayoung. Interestingly, the top 3 extrovert types are the extrovert equivalent of the top 3 introvert types! INFP, INFJ and INTP, then ENFP, ENFJ and ENTP! Isn’t that amazing?

With the collected MBTI personality types of 750 flovers, we were able to count each individual personality trait and conclude the overall flover personality type is INFP! We can see and understand what kind of people flovers generally are: introverted, intuitive, compassionate and spontaneous.

1.2 flover World Map

flovers can be found all around the world! Our survey reached 886 flovers across six continents, an impressive 67.0% of whom live in Asia (mostly South-East Asia). The second largest group is North American flovers with 19.2%, followed by European flovers with 7.3%. Out of our respondents, 3.4% are from Oceania and 2.9% are South Americans. We also had a single African flover.

There are four countries with a notably high number of flovers. Firstly, the Philippines has the highest flover presence with 22.7% (201) of our respondents. This is followed by Indonesia with 17.9% (158) and the USA with 16.7% (148) of fans. Finally, Malaysia holds 10.8% (96) of international flovers. Together, these four countries make up for 68.1% of our respondents.

1.3 Finding fromis_9

Out of our 886 respondents, 167 (18.8%) became a flover during the “WE GO” era. This is closely followed by “Feel Good” (15.1%), “FUN!” (14.0%) and “Love Bomb” (13.9%). Notably, these four eras were all released under Off The Record (OTR) Entertainment. Together, this makes up 61.8% of flovers.

A possible explanation for the large number of fans gained under OTR Entertainment is the long period of time fromis_9 spent under the agency. In total, fromis_9 spent 62.1%1 of their days under OTR, which nicely matches the percentage of fans gained in that era.
If we compare the percentage of fans and time spent for the other agencies, fromis_9’s growth becomes evident. Under Stone Music, they spent 25.5%2 of their time, only to gain 20.4% of their fans. However, under Pledis, they have only spent 12.4%3 of their days and have already gained 17.8% of their fans!

1 From September 21, 2018 (management transfer to OTR Entertainment) until August 16, 2021 (management transfer to Pledis Entertainment).

2 From July 13, 2017 (the first episode of Idol School) until September 21, 2018 (management transfer to OTR Entertainment).

3 From August 16, 2021 (management transfer to Pledis Entertainment) until March 15, 2022 (2022 flover Survey release date).

Which members are responsible for drawing in all of these fans? Out of all the members, Saerom, Gyuri and Nagyung are significantly more eye-catching! You may have noticed that these are the same results as last year.

However, if we isolate “baby flovers” (those who became a fan since “Talk & Talk” or “DM”), the results are slightly different. Saerom’s popularity has grown even more, and Hayoung has taken the number two spot! Chaeyoung’s eye-catchingness has also increased.

This chart showcases how baby flovers discovered fromis_9. Naturally, the largest proportion of new fans discovered our girls through their music or music videos, their YouTube content, or by recommendations from family, friends and colleagues.

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  1. Flo

    Really interesting data (。♡‿♡。), thank you guys for your efforts.👍

  2. wtm

    Very interesting insight and well presented. Thank you for the hard work collecting, analysing and writing this. I didn’t participate in the survey, but I can approve that Jiwon’s girlfriend concept works for me 😉
    Looking forward to next year’s survey

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