2021 flover Survey Results

Part 4 – flovers as k-pop fans

4.1 Favorite K-pop Groups

Out of our 895 respondents, 76% of flovers say that fromis_9 is their favorite K-pop group and 47 flovers only follow fromis_9 in the K-pop scene. The remaining 848 respondents also follow or like other K-pop groups, consisting of 59 girl groups, 48 boy groups and 39 soloists/duets/co-ed groups. You can discover flovers’ favorite groups in our Spotify playlists!

4.2 Korean Language

As K-pop fans, it’s natural for people to gain interest in learning Korean. 75.9% of our respondents said that they are interested in learning the language thanks to fromis_9.
But what about flovers’ Korean skills? Almost half of the respondents (46.9%) know only a little Korean, while 29.7% don’t know the language at all, but are interested in learning it. Lastly, 12.8% of flovers can speak Korean but aren’t fluent and 2.8% are fluent Korean speakers.

4.3 Collections

Similar to other hobbies, K-pop has a variety of merchandise. Some fans are dedicated collectors, while others simply enjoy the inclusions or don’t purchase anything at all. The most common items one can find in their K-pop collection are albums, photocards and signed merchandise.

4.3.1 Album Collectors

Accessible and a good value for money, albums are the easiest merchandise to collect, which reflects in 63.1% of our respondents collecting them. As much as they enjoy buying albums, however, collectors don’t tend to splash their cash on multiple artists. Out of our respondents, 63.4% only collect albums of their favorite artist, and only 24.2% collect albums of all artists they like. Out of those who don’t collect albums, the majority (62.4%) are interested in starting a collection.

4.3.2 Photocard Collectors

If there was a scale of K-pop collecting, photocards would come right after albums. Photocards are not hard to come by as they are more often than not album inclusions, but they usually come in much greater variety, making photocard collecting a more expensive hobby. Only 26.3% of our respondents are photocard collectors, with 54.4% of those only collecting photocards of their favorite members. Just 35.7% of all photocard collectors are willing to negotiate with multiple resellers or buy various copies of an album to complete full-member photocard sets.

4.3.3 Signed Merchandise Collectors

Less common than other types of merchandise and expectedly more expensive, signed items are only collected by 16% of our respondents. Out of those, 51% collect only albums, the most common type of signed merchandise thanks to official selling websites such as Mwave. Among those who do not collect signed merchandise, 57.3% would like to start a collection.

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    Can I transalte this post and post for korean community?

    • Yes, you can translate it and thank you for your interest in sharing the results with them! Please share the post link when you do 🙂

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