2021 flover Survey Results

Part 2 – flover favorites

2.1 Bias

Out of our 895 respondents, 243 (27.2%) flovers voted that they don’t have a favorite member, because they love all members equally. To flovers, this is no surprise. You can’t help but fall for all 9 girls with 9 charms.

The remaining 652 flovers were brave enough to choose a favorite. Saerom takes the number one spot and narrowly beats Hayoung with 2 votes. Though with 652 flover respondents, a two vote difference could be considered a tie. The most surprising result however is Seoyeon in third place! So many silent Seoyeon lovers~

2.2 fromis_9 ults vs Non-ults

*ult is taken from the word ultimate, meaning that the group is their ultimate favorite.

Excluding respondents who chose ‘all members’ as their favorite member, this graph compares the bias preference of 652 flovers depending on if they ult fromis_9 (72.9%) or not (27.5%).

While Saerom is the most popular member overall, Hayoung ranks first for people who don’t ult fromis_9. Jisun and Saerom each have around the same percentage of ult fans and casual fans, while Hayoung, Jiwon, Gyuri and Jiheon have larger numbers of non-ult fans. Seoyeon’s graphs differ the most: she’s the 2nd most popular member for people who ult fromis_9, but only the 7th for people who don’t. She, Nagyung and Chaeyoung have a larger amount of ult fans than casual fans. This allows us to hypothesize that they are the members you tend to fall for the better you know them.

2.3 Music

Unsurprisingly, fromis_9’s biggest hit takes the top spot. Though My Little Society does great in all of the polls, the timeless “DKDK” narrowly beats “Feel Good” with two votes, 213 to 211.

Three out of the four B-side tracks in My Little Society made into the Top 5! Both “Love Rumpumpum” and “22Century Girl” had short promotion periods on music shows, possibly making them notable tracks, or vice versa.

Although “Weather” ranked first for favorite B-side track, “Starry Night” ranks higher than the former for overall favorite song. The top 3 spots are taken by fromis_9’s most loved title tracks: “DKDK”, “Feel Good” and “Love Bomb”.

The top 3 overall favorite songs also feature as the three favorite music videos, but “Feel Good” takes the crown! With a 2.0% difference, it possibly took the top spot because it’s the most recent release and it highlighted the individual charms of the members.

My Little Society dominated this poll! With three songs in the “overall favorite song” and also three songs in “favorite B-side track,” it’s no surprise that fromis_9’s latest mini album is the top favorite.

With over 300 votes each, Love Bomb and Feel Good eras are fan favorites. Both comebacks were highly anticipated, making it memorable to the fans. Love Bomb era marked Gyuri’s return after joining Produce 48, while Feel Good era was fromis_9’s long-awaited comeback after 1 year and 3 months.

Fun, fresh and energetic. These are three components that can be found in fromis_9’s choreography, especially for the chosen top 5! “Feel Good” takes the top spot with its leveled up performance. Floor choreo? No problem. Member lifts? Easy.

2.4 Content

Winning by a landslide, Channel_9 is undoubtedly flovers’ favorite content. Coming in second is flaylist, an avenue for the girls to showcase their skills. Jisun ASMR shows its popularity by ranking fourth.

They say fromis_9 is the best when they are 9, and this holds true for flovers’ favorite flaylist! Their rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” takes the top spot. Hayoung’s “Pretender” cover comes in second and the succeeding ranks are taken by our main vocalist, Jiwon, with her duet with Seoyeon coming in third.

Another Ariana Grande cover takes first place! flovers show a strong preference for group covers. Saerom’s most recent “Lights On” performance comes in third place, truly leaving an impression on everyone.

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