2021 flover Survey Results

flover Survey was held from March 2 to 17, 2021 and it was shared on Promise Publications’ Twitter account and r/fromis, a page dedicated to fromis_9 on Reddit. We were also helped by flovers who volunteered to share the survey on other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and various messenger apps. A total of 916 responses were received, and after going through each answer, removing duplicates and invalid answers, we acquired 895 unique responses.

This post is divided into four sections:

Part 1 – Who are flovers?

1.1 Demographic

You can consider yourself an average flover if you are an 18-21 year old (35.3%) male (49.2%), who is straight (60.9%), Southeast Asian (45.7%), goes to university or college (36.3%), lives in Asia (52.1%) and uses Twitter to get fromis_9 updates (71.3%).

While the flover fandom overall consists of almost 50% males and 43.4% females, there’s a higher female gender ratio in the younger age groups (21 and below). This ratio gradually diminishes until the number of male fans overtakes the number of female fans for the 22 and above age groups.

flovers can be found all over the world! Our survey reached 895 flovers across six continents, who are dominantly found in Southeast Asia and the United States of America. Out of our respondents, 52% of flovers live in Asia, 23.4% in North America, 14.7% in Europe, 6.5% are South Americans, 3% live in Oceania and the remaining 0.02% in Africa. While there are only a handful of respondents found in most countries, this is still a great indication that our girls are gaining global attention. This can also be attributed to how the Hallyu Wave is continuously crossing borders.

1.2 Discovering fromis_9

The average flover became a fan during 2018 (30.6%), during the Love Bomb (24%) era.

Most people discovered fromis_9 through their YouTube videos + MV’s (21.3%), through Idol School (20.3%) or through music streaming services (14.0%).

Fans are usually drawn to fromis_9 because of their music (41.1%), followed by their visuals (27.4%) and personality (23.7%).

But which members draw in all of these fans? Out of all the members, Saerom, Nagyung and Gyuri were significantly more eye-catching.

A possible explanation for this top 3 is their choreography positioning. Saerom, Gyuri and Nagyung always have a generous amount of time as the center, and there are choreographies where the three of them are in front during the peak moments of the song. Some examples are the final chorus in “Into The New World”, the bridge in “FUN!” and the chorus in “Now.” In their most recent comeback, “Feel Good”, they are the first three members the audience will focus on.

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    Can I transalte this post and post for korean community?

    • Yes, you can translate it and thank you for your interest in sharing the results with them! Please share the post link when you do 🙂

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