20 Jiwon Trivia

Today is Jiwon’s birthday!

To celebrate our main vocal’s 22nd year (or 23rd in Korean age), the Promise Publications team has made the best possible use of their time in quarantine by binge-watching videos of Busan’s Mariah Carey.

For this special March 20th, we carefully selected 20 Jiwon trivia in hopes old and new flovers can get to know a little more about fromis_9’s Vitamin.

1. Jiwon is left-handed.

Jiwon carefully writing calligraphy. (GIF from follow fromis_9)

2. In Busan, Jiwon lived around Haeundae (the famous beach in Busan). At night, she used to love to walk around “Dog road” and she suggests the fans to do the same.

Jiwon at Haeundae Beach, Busan. (Photo from officialfromis_9 Instagram)

3. Puppies are Jiwon’s favorite animal. She particularly likes big dogs such as Golden Retrievers and, if given the chance, she wants to get a bulldog.

Jiwon volunteering in an animal shelter. (Photo from Off The Record Entertainment)

4. When she was younger, Jiwon learned how to figure skate and learned horseback riding. She was really eager to learn figure skating because she was a big fan of Kim Yuna. As for horseback riding, she chose it because she really wanted to learn a sport.

Kim Yuna, South Korean former competitive figure skater and 2010 Olympic champion. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

5. Jiwon won the horseback riding gold medal at ISAC Chuseok Special 2019.

Read more about Jiwon’s achievement in Promise Magazine!

6. Jiwon tries not to drink carbonated drinks. It was Chaeyoung’s first time to see Jiwon drink soda when they ate chocolate chicken together.

Jiwon needs to drink soda. (GIF from Channel_9 – Chaeyoung Episode)

7. Jiwon likes horror movies. She really likes terrifying and cruel things. Some movies she has seen, include “Split” and “I Saw The Devil.”

Split, an American psychological horror thriller by M. Night Shyamalan. (Photo from Amazon)
I Saw The Devil, a Korean action thriller by Kim Jeewoon. (Photo from Amazon)

8. Jiwon used to hate mint chocolate ice cream, but since all the members love it she too started eating it and now enjoys it.

Jiwon expressing how much she dislikes mint flavored ice cream. (GIF from FM_1.24)

9. Jiwon shakes her feet while asleep.

Saerom and Chaeyoung explaining Jiwon’s sleeping habit. (GIF from Bingsu Unboxing V LIVE)

10. Jiwon’s favorite subject in school was foreign languages. She said she was really good in English and wants to learn more Japanese and Chinese.

Saerom & Jiwon as English MC’s at KCON 2019 New York.

11. Jiwon has a good sense of hearing.

Jiwon overhearing what the TV said, to Hayoungs surprise. (Timestamp: 8m50)

12. Jiwon’s biggest role model is her father.

13. Purple and black are Jiwon’s favorite colors.

(Photo from Bright You)

14. With a staggering 158cm, Jiwon is NOT fromis_9’s smallest member.

15. Jiwon proclaims to be good at guessing games and has proved this while playing charades.

Jiwon quickly guessing Hayoung’s poses for their charades game. (GIF from fromis_9 @ News Ade)

16. Jiwon tried to learn to play the guitar in the past, but she gave up when learning the bar chords because they were too difficult.

17. When Jiwon did not have a signature yet, she simply wrote her name (박지원). So she practiced making her signature on her phone and explains her signature says “Won (원).”

Jiwon’s signature and our attempt to decode it. (Photo by Mitch)

18. The members call Jiwon Simba but she has never seen Lion King.

Jisun attempting to carry Jiwon like Simba. (GIF from FM_1.24 Suwon Hope Festival Behind)

19. Jiwon gets teased for only having sweatshirts in her wardrobe.

Seoyeon and Jisun teasing Jiwon about her sweatshirts. (GIF from V LIVE)

20. Jiwon struggles to remember the members’ birthdays and even forgets her own.

JW: Jiheon’s birthday?
JH: What date?
JW: When is her birthday?
JH: Don’t put it up!
JW: Is it April? Is it?
JH: April… It’s April.
JW: April… April 17th!

(GIF and translation from 2019 Jiwon Birthday V LIVE)

flovers will never forget your birthday~

Happy Birthday, Jiwon!

Watch Jiwon’s 2020 Birthday V LIVE! 🐰🎂

Contributors: Adam, Bruno, Daniel, JJ, Max, Mitch
Editors: Adam and Mitch
Trivia Sources: Jiwon Mind Map, Tonight #지원, Jiwon 2019 Birthday V LIVE, 190103 Jiwon V LIVE, [FM_1.24] Convenience Store Tour in 2018 Thailand, 181118 Balanced Trio V LIVE, Idol League (Love Bomb Era), 190728 Bingsu Unboxing V LIVE
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