240324 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


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240321 – flover MEMBERSHIP Renewal Information

This is your fromis_9 fan club manager.

We are excited to announce that fromis_9 GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB flover MEMBERSHIP (“flover Membership”) will be renewed on March 27, 2024 (KST).

Renewal Date: 2 PM, Wednesday, March 27, 2024 (KST)

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Main Twitter Updates of the Week


Did you enjoy today’s radio?
Thanks to flover, today too was really fun.
There are so many things that you need to endure in this world, but sometimes, it’s important to express your own thoughts and opinions too.
Don’t just bottle it up in your heart, got it? Today too, have a good night. Sleep well🍀🌙❤️

#SongHayoung #Hayoung



#ParkJiwon #Jiwon

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Individual Instagram


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240318 – DinDin’s Music High [SBS Power FM]

240319 – Veda: Goddess of War Advertisement [ASTRA: Knights of Veda]

Click here to watch the 30s version

240321 – Making of 『Veda: Goddess of War』 Pre-registration Trailer [ASTRA: Knights of Veda]

240319 – No Way I’m an Adult Season 4 Ep. 48 Jiheon Cut [tvN]

240319 – Is This Song Popular? Ep. 2 Unreleased Footage [Mobidic]

240321 – let me Know K-POP! Season 2 Ep. 14 / Unreleased Scenes Collection Part 1 [Lemino]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

Jang Gyuri Updates


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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

240325 – Hayoung – SBS PowerFM DinDin’s Music High – 11 PM JST

240328 – Saerom – Lemino let me Know K-POP! Season 2 Ep. 15 – Guests Unreleased Scene Collection Part 2 – 12 PM JST

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