240303 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


240226 – HAPPY JIWON DAY BIRTHDAY BOX Official Merchandise Sales Information

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240229 – Hayoung, Seoyeon & Jiheon Vlog – First Snowz Day-Off Date❄️🤳🧡


240228 – FROM NOW. Concert Rehearsal Behind


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


flover, did you enjoy today’s radio?
Today we talked about laziness.
There were a lot of things I could relate to, so it was fun.
The weather is still very cold, so I still want to just roll around, even though I feel eager to do something.
When the weather gets warmer, I become slightly more active. I’m going to be more diligent, flover, let’s do it together!!
I don’t think slight laziness is a bad thing. Relax your mind and sleep lazily today. Good night, flover, thank you for being with me today too🌙

#SongHayoung #Hayoung

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Individual Instagram


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Weverse Media

240303 – 2024 Behind Sketch 4

Weverse Lives

240229 – Check It Out (Jiwon)

240301 – ㅡ (Jiheon) –Part 1|Part 2

Weverse Magazine Articles

240228 – LEE SEO YEON, the all-rounder idol

Weverse Membership Posts

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240227 – 🍀flover in the Wonderland👑 Behind The Scenes 2 Media Post

240229 – Hayoung Live

240302 – Hayoung Voice Live

240302 – Chaeyoung Voice Live

Official TikTok

240226 – Song Ha(shoulder)Bbang😈

240228 – flover, You’ve Worked Hard Today as Well, Come On!🏃🏻‍♀️💨💗

240229 – Lovely🥰

240303 – You show up like heaven sent you here🪽



240226 – DinDin’s Music High [SBS Power FM]

240229 – let me Know K-POP! Season 2 Ep. 11 w/ THE BOYZ Part 1 [Lemino]


240229 – Seoyeon ‘Our Last Spring’ Song Teaser

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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Jang Gyuri Updates


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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

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