231217 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


231211 – fromis_9 2024 Concert Announcement

This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to announce a special upcoming event: 2024 fromis_9 concert
We look forward to flover’s love and support.

[Concert Information]
▶Title: 2024 fromis_9 concert
▶Date: 6 PM Saturday, Jan 27, 2024 (KST)
5 PM Sunday, Jan 28, 2024 (KST)
▶Venue: Jangchung Arena
▶Ticket Vendor: INTERPARK (Exclusive)
▶Organizers: PLEDIS Entertainment, HYBE

Thank you.”


Official YouTube


231214 – ‘Yoo Jae Ha – Because I Love You’ cover by Jiwon


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[💌#fromis_9] flover, did you enjoy today’s radio?
I think today’s topic was very fun.
Thanks to it, it makes me think again today about what I’m sensitive about.
There were so many things that I can relate to, so it was so much fun!!
Today too, for listening to the radio without fail, thank you.
I’m happy to have flover, who smile even when I say trivial things.
It’s so cold today, so keep warm, flover, and sleep tight!!🌙

#fromis_9 #SongHayoung #Hayoung

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Official Instagram

Individual Instagram


Source: Saerom’s Instagram


Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Seoyeon’s Instagram


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Weverse Artist Updates

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Weverse Lives

231212 – 😶‍🌫️ (Jisun)

231213 – ‘ (Jiheon)

Weverse Membership Posts

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231217 – Hayoung Post

Official TikTok

231213 – Cozy Cozy❄️

Other TikTok Appearances

231211 – #WhatAreWe via @baekho_pledis

231212 – #WhatAreWe Test via @baekho_pledis



231211 – DinDin’s Music High [SBS Power FM]

231214 – let me Know K-POP! Season 2 Ep. 2 w/ JUST B [Lemino]

231215 – Everyone Sings Well EP. 82 [Studio Peanut Butter]

231215 – EAT SHOW 2 Ep. 4-1 [THE K-POP]

231215 – EAT SHOW 2 Ep. 4-2 [THE K-POP]

231215 – EAT SHOW 2 Ep. 4-3 [THE K-POP]

231215 – MUSIC BANK GLOBAL FESTIVAL 2023 Red Carpet [KBS Kpop]


231211 – Jiwon ‘What are we’ Fancam at Inkigayo

231215 – ‘#menow’ at 2023 MUSIC BANK GLOBAL FESTIVAL

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

231207 – Hayoung, Nagyung and Jiheon “December’s flover” Perfume Making [FM_1.24]

231208 – EP.3 Time Travel to Joseon Dynasty [FM_1.24 Special]

Jang Gyuri Updates


Photos & Short Clips

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231211 – Chuu X Jang Gyuri🍊 Came Back to College after a Long Time and Took an Exam📝 [Chuu Can Do It]

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

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