231203 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


231129 – fromis_9 Fromis_9 to Release a Special Limited Edition Perfume for Christmas in Collaboration with Maison 21G on December 8

Summary Translation:

The collaboration will feature fromis_9 Hayoung, Nagyung and Jiheon, and also include a special scent called ‘December’s flover’

🔹 A message through fragrance that contains the meaning of ‘gift’ and ‘gratitude’ to flover

🔹 3 types of perfumes created by the members that contain the brand and uniqueness of the artists

🔹 The Petit Collection which consists of 4 perfumes called ‘flover in December’ made for flover

🔹 Perfume bottles with limited edition sleeves with artwork made and designed by the members for each perfume

🔹 1 undisclosed photocard for each purchase

🔹 Packages with handwritten signatures in limited quantities randomly

The members said:

“This Christmas, we wanted to express our special gratitude to flover who always cherish and love fromis_9.”

“We hope this collaboration will be a very special Christmas gift to flover.”


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231201 – Hayoung Vlog – This Time Fukuoka✈️, Cat Island🐈‍⬛, Ryokan♨️


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231127 – fromis_9 2024 SEASON’S GREETINGS PREVIEW Cuts #2

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231129 – Woke up from Sleep (Jisun)

231201 – Nyang (Jiwon ft. Hayoung) – Part 1|Part 2

231203 – For a while📞 (Hayoung)

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231128 – Hayoung Voice Live



231127 – DinDin’s Music High [SBS Power FM]

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231124 – FM_1.24 Special – EP.2 Time Travel to 2223

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