231022 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


231016 – ​​​​​​​flover🍀ONLY Special Weverse LIVE – 👑 flover in the Wonderland Information

This is your fromis_9 fan club manager.

‘Tis the season to sit around a warm bonfire with your loved ones and chat into the night. So, we invite you to “flover🍀ONLY Special Weverse LIVE – 👑 flover in the Wonderland.”

Feel free to leave any questions and stories you wish to share with the members of fromis_9 in the form below!
The members will draw and answer the questions at “flover🍀ONLY Special Weverse LIVE – 👑 flover in the Wonderland.”

For a more enjoyable event, please read below for details on how to send in questions in advance. We ask for your enthusiastic support and participation.

<“flover🍀ONLY Special Weverse LIVE – 👑 flover in the Wonderland”>

[Live Date]
Night time, Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (KST)

[Link to Submit Questions]
Ask anything! (CLICK)

[Question Submission Period]
From 14:00, Monday, October 16 to 23:59, Friday, October 20, 2023 (KST)

[Question Examples]
Q. Which member do you wish to sing a special duet with?
Trot powerhouse PARK JI WON vs. Rapid-fire rapper LEE SEO YEON
Q. If you could host “Roh Jang Geum’s Cooking Class,” what dish do you want to make flovers?

※ We ask for your understanding that the artist cannot answer all questions since they will be drawn randomly and answered on the spot during “flover🍀ONLY Special Weverse LIVE – 👑 flover in the Wonderland.”
※ The start of the live and participation schedule for this event may be adjusted depending on the artist’s schedule of that day.
※ This event is for the fromis_9 GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB flover MEMBERSHIP holders.

We look forward to flover’s enthusiastic support and participation.
Thank you.”



231019 – fromis_9 Lee Saerom “Yeorumi a great source of strength… an invaluable existence” [MK★Small-Talk Interview]

Translated Excerpt:

Captain of fromis_9 Lee Saerom revealed that there is someone who has provided great strength while going through a busy schedule. An invaluable existence to her: Yeorumi.

Lee Saerom spoke frankly about pet-raising culture while introducing Yeorumi, “An endless amount of care and effort is needed to determine how pets signal discontent and what they want. A pet owner must answer in kind to the love that pets provide”.

Click here to read the full interview.

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Main Twitter Updates of the Week


flover, did you listen to the radio well today too??
Today I think I had pretty good chemistry with Dindin-sunbaenim, but it’s not just me who felt it, right??
Thank you for always doing so well!
Today too I’m leaving work after a fun chat!! Also, today I drank a whole bottle of water~~
flover, thank you for today as well
Today we talked about things that make you frustrated
I hope that all of your feelings of frustration go away and you have a relaxing night🫶
Good night🌙

#fromis_9 #SongHayoung #Hayoung


flover~ Please confirm the original photo😋


Wasn’t the weather really really nice today??

Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Weverse Artist Updates

Source: fromis_9’s Weverse

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Weverse Lives

231016 – Hey, Gather Around!!😝 (Chaeyoung ft. Jisun)

Weverse Membership Posts

This week’s membership-exclusive posts! Acquire your flover membership on Weverse Shop to view the following content:

231016 – Hayoung Moment

231017 – Hayoung Moment

231018 – Hayoung Moment

231018 – Jisun Post

231019 – Jiheon Live

231020 – Hayoung Moment

231021 – Jiwon Moments –First|Second

231022 – Chaeyoung Moment



231016 – DinDin’s Music High [SBS Power FM]

231019 – let me Know K-POP! Ep. 24 [Lemino]


231008 – ‘#menow’ and ‘Stay This Way’ at Yeongdong-daero K-POP Concert

231020 – ‘DM’, ‘#menow’, ‘Stay This Way’ and ‘WE GO’ at Gwangyang K-pop Festival

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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English Subtitles Now Available

This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

231023 – Hayoung – SBS PowerFM Dindin’s Music High – 11 PM KST

231024 – fromis_9 x Momentica ‘Blue’ Release

231024 – ​​​​​​​flover🍀ONLY Special Weverse LIVE – 👑 flover in the Wonderland

231026 – EDaily WFesta W Concert 2023 – 1 PM KST

231026 – Hoseo University Festival

231027 – Gyeongsangnam-do Sports For All Festival

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