230903 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap


230901 – fromis_9 SPECIAL OFFLINE EVENT ‘Hangawi Party Together With flover’ Announcement

To celebrate the Korean Thanksgiving, fromis_9 announced ‘Hangawi Party Together With flover’, a special offline event.

To have a chance to participate in the event, fans who hold the flover Membership must purchase at least one copy of fromis_9’s 1st Album, Unlock My World, on Weverse Shop GLOBAL between September 1, 11 AM KST and September 13, 11:59 PM KST.

After buying the album(s), flovers must apply to the event on a separate page.

Among those who followed the necessary steps, 150 lucky winners will be chosen to attend the event. Fans who purchased at least one copy of the album during the application period will also receive an undisclosed selfie photocard, regardless if they were one of the 150 winners or not.

flovers attending the event are encouraged to follow an ‘autumn’ dress code. Some of the confirmed activities include minigames and a hi-touch with the girls.

The event will be held in Seoul on September 24 at 15 PM KST. The venue will be announced together with the winners after September 14, 8 PM KST.

For more information, check the full notice on Weverse.


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230901 – K GLOBAL HEART DREAM AWARDS 2023 Behind

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230901 – K GLOBAL HEART DREAM AWARDS 2023 Waiting Room Interview [TV Daily]

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

230904 – Hayoung – SBS PowerFM Dindin’s Music High – 11 PM KST

230907 – Saerom – Lemino let me Know K-POP! Ep. 18 with Pentagon – 12 PM JST

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