230618 – fromis_9 Weekly Recap

Unlock My World

Music Shows

230613 – ‘Attitude’ on The Show

230613 – ‘#menow’ on The Show

230613 – ‘#menow’ First Win on The Show

Watch The Non-Edited Version Here
Watch The Show’s ‘On the Way Out’ Here

230614 – ‘Attitude’ on Show Champion

230614 – ‘#menow’ on Show Champion

230616 – ‘#menow’ on Music Bank

Watch Fancams Here

230618 – ‘#menow’ on Inkigayo

Music Show Official Photos

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230614 – #menow MV Behind Photos


Newly Released Videos from Previous Weeks:
Newly Released Photos from Previous Weeks:
230611 Inkigayo
230611 Inkigayo by SBS Kpop

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Mwave Signed Album


230618 – New Us Now [Elle Korea]



230615 – ‘Unlock My World’ Review: A Treasure Trove Of Pop Gems [NME]

NME Excerpt:

For close to a year, things have been pretty quiet for fromis_9. After Jang Gyu-ri, who has long been the most recognisable member of the group, left last July, the fate of the girl group was in limbo. But, here we are. fromis_9 have made their first comeback as an octet to assure us that their story is far from over. Aptly titled ‘Unlock My World’, fromis_9’s first-ever full-length studio album is a delectable taster of their musical palette, and ushers in a new era for the octet.

Leading the charge is title track ‘#menow’, in which the girl group re-introduce themselves: “Feel me now / No more hiding, I like it just as I am / So new, the me now / This is me, what do you think?” This jubilant ode to self-love sets the tone for the rest of the record, and brings to the fore a more mature, introspective side of the group as they make a timely exploration into their identity.

Click here to read the full article on nme.com

Official YouTube


230615 – #menow M/V Filming Behind


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow music video Jisun Behind cut 😄



[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#reality Jiwon Behind cut ✋



flover🍀 thank you for the first place😍
We’ll pour all our energy into it🔥

#fromis_9 #TheShow


[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow music video Chaeyoung Behind cut 📸



[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow music video Hayoung Behind cut 🥰


Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Weverse Artist Updates

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Weverse Lives

230613 – 00z (Hayoung and Chaeyoung) – Part 1|Part 2

230613 – 🎁 (Jisun)

230614 – You’ll Regret It If You Don’t Watch?🖤💙💗☕️ (Full Group)| Source

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230613 – Jiheon Live

230614 – Jisun Moment

230615 – Chaeyoung Post

230617 – Jiwon Post

230618 – Hayoung Locked Post|Clue

Official TikTok

230612 – #menow #MusicalDepartmentVer

230612 – You also know that #InternalDance feeling as you’re walking home~😉 📹 by #Jiheon

230612 – I’m showered with Heart💕 #menow

230612 – What shines brightest, FIREWORK🎇 #menow

230612 – Feel it at Inkigayo as well #menow ❤️

230613 – Seoyeon’s properly done #menow live🎶 Listen to it on #LeeMujinService🎧

230613 – Freely💥 How about this🗝️ #menow

230613 – Right now, at this very moment, it’s the Time of Our Life📝 #menow

230614 – Eyebrow’s, Cheeks, Shoulders, Pelvis, Knees, Knees~📻 #menow

230614 – There’s me who looks like you 🎶 Seoyeon and Seoyeon

230614 – Minau Dance Force🫡 #menow

230614 – It’s pouring down on us Heart❤️ #menow

230616 – He’s so excited. Eyebrow’s, Cheeks, Shoulders, Pelvis, Knees, Knees~📻 #menow

230616 – We shine together✨ I like it this way💖 #menow

230616 – Low deep dive ( ◠‿◠ ˙) #menow

230616 – Surprise Guest #SUPERJUNIOR Feel with #Shindong😙 #menow

230617 – Feel Me now🥰 Without hiding, Like it as it is💗 #menow

230617 – #menow with Yoobin Kelly ✨

230617 – Thank you, #HanlimArtsHighSchool Junior Haesung😆 #menow

230617 – Look at me now😘 You can’t get out of it🥰 #menow

230617 – There’s nothing like fear🕺 No matter what anyone says, Do😘 #menow

230618 – #menow with @a_rim_z🎈

230618 – #menow with @❤️‍🔥크리스쿠 CHRIS KOO❤️‍🔥

230618 – This is me😊 One and only🚪 #menow

230618 – Shalala lala omona✨ How about this😝 #menow

Other TikTok Appearances

230612 – Fairy Jiwon, who came to two flovers from fromis’ fairy world(🧚🏻‍♂)💙 via iamrealkik5o

230612 – #karmachallenge_with_fromis_9 via blackswan__official

230613 – 🔓Boom boom boom🗝️ with #fromis_9 via le_sserafim

230616 – it’s Live next KPOP Artist! Guess who!? via itslive_official

230616 – Btcchallenge with #Jiheon via official_kep1er

230616 – Ready to Mo~~ve🍀 via mingi_ren

230617 – Doing bbuing bbuing with legendary Hanlim Arts High School seniors via haesung1109

230617 – it’s Live ‘#menow’ Fancams via itslive_official

230617 – it’s Live Photobooth via itslive_official

230618 – I came to show my hand skills after meeting Jiheon-nim and Jisun-nim..🫰 + #menow challenge together💕 via a_rim_z

230618 – Doing hip girl moves with pretty, hip girls Seoyeon-nim & Saerom-nim, LET’S GO!✨ #menow via thisbabyslay_



230613 – What’s in My Playlist? [SEOUL MUSIC]

230613 – Ren & Jiwon Behind👀 [KODE]

230614 – Lee Eunji’s Music Plaza [KBS CoolFM]

Watch with English Subs

230614 – Lee Eunji’s Music Plaza Jisun & Nagyung #menow Challenge [KBS CoolFM]

230614 – Lee Eunji’s Music Plaza #menow Challenge Behind [KBS CoolFM]

230614 – My Daughter’s Favorite Came To Solve Our Awkward Mother-Daughter Relationship [HeyNews]

230614 – A Poisonous Snake On fromis_9’s Way Home?! Getting Off Work [MBC Radio]

230615 – Kim Young Chul’s Power FM [SBS]

230615 – This is how fromis_9 Signed [Unlock My World] Album [Mwave]

230615 – Eunchae’s Star Diary Ep. 12 [KBS Kpop]

230616 – ‘Unlock My World’ Pop-Up Store Open! [WithMuu]

230617 – #menow (CHEER UP VER.) [blip]

230617 – Pre ‘Hit the Style’ Livestream [CJ ONSTYLE]

230617 – ‘Hit the Style’ [CJ ONSTYLE]

230617 – After ‘Hit the Style’ Livestream [CJ ONSTYLE]


230612 – Feel Good, WE GO, Talk & Talk, DM, Stay This Way, #menow [blip]

230613 – #menow, I Hate You, All In My Head, I Guess I Loved You, Don’t Come Back, You and I [Lee Mujin Service]

230615 – PLAY COLOR – #menow [Genie Music]

230616 – ‘My Night Routine’ Live [Seoul Music]

230616 – ‘#menow’ Relay Dance [M2]

230617 – ‘#menow’ Band Live [it’s Live]

230618 – Kitsch, Spicy, UNFORGIVEN and Cupid [K-909]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

230619 – blip – Question Jail – 6 PM KST

230620 – MBC FM4U GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend – 8 PM KST

230620 – SBS MTV The Show – 6 PM KST

260621 – MBC Music Show Champion – 6 PM KST

230622 – Saerom – Lemino let me Know K-POP! Ep.9 with fromis_9 – 12 PM JST

230622 – Mnet M Countdown – 6 PM KST

230622 – blip Offline Fan Sign – 8:30 PM KST

230623 – KBS Music Bank – 5 PM KST

230623 – Blue Dream Media Offline Fan Sign – 8 PM KST

230624 – blip – Pose Lab – 6 PM KST

230625 – SBS Inkigayo – 3:40 PM KST

230625 – Music Plant Offline Fan Sign – 6:30 PM KST

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