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Unlock My World

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230605 – ‘#menow’ Official MV


230605 – Unlock My World Showcase

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Mwave Signed Album

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230608 – ‘Attitude’ Comeback Stage on M COUNTDOWN

230608 – ‘#menow’ Comeback Stage on M COUNTDOWN

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230609 – ‘Attitude’ on Music Bank

230609 – ‘#menow’ on Music Bank

230611 – ‘#menow’ on Inkigayo

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230605 – fromis_9 Dishes On The Message They Want To Convey With “Unlock My World,” Highlights From The “#menow” MV, And More

Soompi Excerpt:

“fromis_9 is returning with their first full-length album “Unlock My World“!

Ahead of their highly-anticipated comeback, fromis_9 held a press conference where they discussed the meaning behind their first full-length album “Unlock My World” and their title track “#menow.”

At the press conference, Lee Saerom shared, “Since it’s our first full-length album, we really wanted to show good music.” Lee Seoyeon added, “Since it’s a full-length album, it’s an album that holds our great passion and affection. I think we got the courage to tell our story in front of the public and our fans through honest conversation.”

Regarding the title track, Lee Chaeyoung shared, “Like the title of the title track, we focused on the ‘me’ who is confident and the ‘me’ who I love,” emphasizing their intent to share an honest conversation with fans through their music.”

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Official YouTube

Official Videos

230605 – ‘#menow’ Cheer Guide

230610 – ‘#menow’ Choreography Video


Main Twitter Updates of the Week


Feel Me now
No more hiding, I Like it just as I am
So new, the Me now
This is fromis, what do flovers think?🍀



[#Jiheon] #menow
mv behind cut ♣️


[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow vibe party Seoyeon-unnie Behind cut 🌸



[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow Stage saerom Behind cut 🐈‍⬛



[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow musicbank Behind cut💙



[#Jiheon] #Baek’sTrivialPOV_short
#menow music video nagyung Behind cut 👗


Tweet Compilation of the Week

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Official Instagram


#menow Stage Behind cut 💪


Gyuri’s Comment:

I love you fromis_9. Fighting!🍀

Individual Instagram


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Source: Hayoung’s Instagram


Source: Jiwon’s Instagram


Source: Jisun’s Instagram


Source: Seoyeon’s Instagram


Source: Chaeyoung’s Instagram


Source: Nagyung’s Instagram


Source: Jiheon’s Instagram

Official TikTok

230606 – 🫲Hold on, hold on🫱 How about this security team? #menow

230606 – I’m a Queencard👑 How about this😝 #menow

230607 – You look at me like you’re posessed💥 I have confidence in everything💗 #menow

230607 – The thing that shines the most is✨ #menow

230608 – Crazy Sexy Dream Girl💖 Yeah that’s you💙 #menow

230607 – ROCK MY WORLD🔗 What about me 😆_📹 by Hayoung #menow

230608 – Fear is NO MORE, Dream High✨_📹 by Hayoung #menow

230609 – Bring it on, cruel world🪞 I don’t care😜 #menow

230610 – The color is S-Class 🌟 This is me 🤩 #menow

230610 – Open your eyes, I’m sure of all of me👀 #menow

230611 – Yo! Arabesque😆 Look at me now❤️‍🔥 _📹 by #RomPD #menow

230611 – At Weverse Park too🌳 Feel #menow 💓

230611 – In the festival, look at me now😎 #menow

230611 – With #XIA sunbae, I Like it as it is😉 #menow

230611 – You know it, I’ll cheer for you with all my heart🍀 #menow

230611 – Legend of legend🫶 With #UhmJunghwa sunbae, Feel #menow 💗

Other TikTok Appearances

230609 – 🦅 via arudaum

230609 – #S_Class_Challenge via jypestraykids



230605 – What fromis_9 Listens To? [Melon]

230606 – Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song At Noon [MBC FM4U]

230606 – Party Room [Naver VIBE]

Listen to Party Room without music in the background:Part 1|Part 2

230607 – Ren & Park Jiwon [SELF-ON KODE]

230607 – “Is this possible?” Let’s attack flover’s embarrassing questions💬🔓 [blip]

230607 – I Live As An Idol – A Pretty Girl💐 Next To A Pretty Girl👸 [MBC K-Pop]

230607 – fromis_9 Listening Party [Stationhead]

230608 – let me Know K-POP! Ep. 7 [Lemino]

230609 – The Swan Club Ep. 2 [HUP!]

230610 – K-909 Ep. 16 [JTBC]

230610 – Idol Human Theater [STUDIO K]

230611 – [#OOTD] I watch fromis_9 when I feel sad…🍋 [blip]


230610 – #menow [JTBC K-909]

Watch Fancams Here

230610 – Blind Letter [JTBC K-909]

Watch Fancams Here

230610 – Shoong!, I AM, Bite Me, Cupid [JTBC K-909]

Photos & Short Clips

Misc Photo Updates of the Week

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This Week’s Upcoming Schedule

230612 – blip – DOOMCHITDOOMCHIT – 6 PM KST

230613 – Seoyeon – KBS Kpop Lee Mujin Service Ep.67 – 6 PM KST

230613 – SBS MTV The Show – 6 PM KST

260614 – MBC Music Show Champion – 6 PM KST

230615 – Saerom – Lemino let me Know K-POP! Ep.8 – 12 PM JST

230615 – SBS Kim Youngchul’s Power FM – 7 AM KST

230615 – Mnet M Countdown – 6 PM KST

230615 – JoeunMusic Online Fan Sign – 7 PM KST

230616 – KBS Music Bank – 5 PM KST

230616 – M2U Record Offline Fan Sign – 8 PM KST

230617 – blip – BLAHBLAH – 6 PM KST

230618 – SBS Inkigayo – 3:40 PM KST

230618 – Beatroad Offline Fan Sign – 6:30 PM KST

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